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The Source by James A Michener | Book Review

First published in 1965, “The Source”, by James A Michener, is part of the pool made by the endless number of books written by mankind about God and religion. And yet, it is different in a way that it hardly discusses God and Religion as we are accustomed to see it portrayed in literature. Book Title : The Source Author ... Read More »

India Unlimited – Stories from a Nation Caught between Hype and Hope By Kulpreet Yadav | Book Reviews

Recently we got a chance to go through a book named “India Unlimited – Stories from a Nation Caught between Hype and Hope” by author Kulpreet Yadav. What made us to go through the book is definitely its title. We are curious to know the stories from a nation which has the oldest historical references available. The country which was/is/will ... Read More »

Caravans By James A Michener | Book Reviews

First published in 1963, “Caravans”, by James A Michener, is one of the first stories to come out of Afghanistan. Written as memoir of an employee of the American embassy, it vividly captures the complicated Afghan life, in the post world-war II era. Today, when we think of Afghanistan, we invariably think of it as a victim caught in the ... Read More »

Wise Enough to Be Foolish – Book by Gauri Jayaram – Kindle Edition | Free only for today

The following books is free on Amazon for today only. Book Title : Wise Enough to Be Foolish (Kindle Edition) Author : Gauri Jayaram Link : Wise Enough to Be Foolish [Kindle Edition] By Gauri Jayaram There is only one customer review found at the time we are writing this article and it is positive (5/5). The Book Description (as ... Read More »

Land Of The Seven Rivers By Sanjeev Sanyal – Book Reviews

A noted Indian economist, environmentalist and urban theorist, Sanjeev Sanyal is fond of history and did wrote a book named – The Indian Renaissance: India’s Rise after a Thousand Years of Decline. The book got a successful selling. His latest book is – Land of the Seven Rivers: A Brief History of India’s Geography. Here we present our reviews for ... Read More »