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The Fox by Frederic Forsyth | Book Review

The Fox by Frederic Forsyth | Book Cover

Frederick Forsyth has entertained the thriller lovers since his ground breaking debut with “The Day of the Jackal” in 1971, and has a worldwide fan following that is always ready for whatever new adventure he is working on. At the age of 80, he is still the writing star and has delivered another bestseller – his seventeenth book called The ... Read More »

The Kill List by Frederick Forsyth | Book Review

The Kill List - by Frederick Forsyth - Book Cover

Ever since his rise to fame with The Day of the Jackal (Published in 1971), Frederick Forsyth has created a niche and fan following. The theme of his stories has travelled through post world war era – to cold war – to troubled Middle East and now international terrorism. Published in 2013 by Random House, The Kill List is latest ... Read More »

No Comebacks by Frederick Forsyth | Book Reviews

No Comebacks - Book by Fredrick Forsyth - cover page

No Comebacks is a collection of ten short stories by Frederic Forsyth. These stories, with themes of blackmail, betrayal and murder, were published individually over the years 1972-1979 and as a collection in 1982. All the stories portray the author’s characteristic affinity for portraying routine of professional lives in meticulous details and an attempt at a surprising twist at the ... Read More »

The Fist Of GOD by Frederick Forsyth | Book Reviews

First published in 1994, The Fist of God is a typical Frederic Forsyth suspense-thriller set in the background of the war that followed the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in 1989. The story focuses on a super-gun with a capacity to fire the nuclear weapon called Qubt-ut-Allah or The Fist of God. Book Title : THE FIST OF GOD Author ... Read More »

The Veteran AND Other Stories by Frederick Forsyth | Book Review

“The Veteran and Other stories”, is a collection of five fictional tales by the famous thriller writer Frederick Forsyth. Written with the typical Forsyth attention to immaculate details of real life professionals, each story makes an interesting read, with a game-changer twist at the end. THE VETERAN: A man is kicked to death, by two rogues, on a pavement of ... Read More »

Meet The Author – Frederick Forsyth

In our “Meet The Author” series, where we try to collect the videos (mainly interviews) of the remarkable author, we are glad to have an article about Mr. Frederick Forsyth. Related reading for you: Meet The Author | Ashwin Sanghi Meet The Author | Amish Tripathi The Fist Of GOD by Frederick Forsyth | Book Reviews No Comebacks by Frederick ... Read More »