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The Testament by John Grisham | Book Review

The Testament by John Grisham | Book Cover

Humans are strange creatures! While food, cloths and a shelter are the primary necessities; majority of people are not satisfied with just the same. And, there is nothing wrong in it. Without the aspirations and ambitions, there will be no progress. Inspiration comes from these desires. The things take wrong turn when greed takes over. The bad thing with the ... Read More »

The Summons by John Grisham | Book Review

The Summons By John Grisham | Book Cover

Reading a John Grisham book is always an interesting experience for us. And, we are sure, it would be the same for many readers. Especially for those who love exploring legal thrillers. It would not be wrong to say that talking about international legal thrillers (books) and missing out the name of John Grisham is almost impossible. Today we are ... Read More »

Theodor Boone: The Fugitive | Book Review

Theodor Boone: The Fugitive | Book Cover

John Grisham, the famous author has introduced us to a kid lawyer – Theodore “Theo” Boone. Of course, he is not actually a lawyer with a degree, as he is still in school. But, born to parents who both are lawyers and serving different streams of law, he know a little about laws. His uncle is also a (retired from ... Read More »

Skipping Christmas By John Grisham | Book Review

Skipping Christmas By John Grisham | Book Cover

Christmas is considered as the biggest festival in the countries where Christians are in majority. Most of the western countries do celebrate this festival with joy and they wait for the same throughout the year. It would not be wrong the say that Christmas is celebrated almost throughout the world. The intensity may be different. There are so many films ... Read More »

Theodore Boone: The Abduction | Crime Thriller By John Grisham | Personal Reviews

Theodore Boone - The Abduction - Book By John Grisham

Very popular for his crime thrillers, author John Grisham once said in interview which summarizes something like Harry Potter is the character whose books are sold more than mine! May be inspired from the same he went on to write for the kids. Well, he didn’t change the genre of writing. But went on writing Crime Thrillers (or Legal Thrillers) ... Read More »