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Essence Of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Commencement Speech At University Of Houston

Often considered as the best example of the American dream, Arnold Gustav Schwarzenegger is one of the most popular celebrities around the world. In addition to being one of the most prominent body builders in the history of modern days, Arnold is one of the most popular movie stars around the globe. He has served as two times governor of California and is an advocate of saving the environment.

He is still active in many activities related to health awareness, after-school programs, Olympics for specially abled athletes. He is a motivational speaker and he is active in movies too. And yes, he never misses a chance to spread the message when it comes to the environment saving campaigns.

He is often called in by various organizations and institutions to address the attendees to inspire and motivate them. Universities are no exception here.

Recently he was invited to deliver the keynote address at the commencement ceremony of the University of Houston.

We are glad that video is made available by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. In addition it is also available on the university website and on the public domain of YouTube so everyone can visit it. Here is the video…

The video is really inspirational, and more importantly is full of wisdom. If we need to summarize the message Arnold tries to convey here, we can say:

In our journey to become what we are and what we have achieved, we are blessed with the support of others which made it all possible. We need to acknowledge it and say a big thank you to all them! We also need to return it back to the society, we need to help and support others.

He talked about his own journey and very famous speeches assessment of the same by him and others. He acknowledges all the honours and milestones he has achieved and confirms that his determination, dedication, hard-work, vision, and many other things are responsible for the same.

The Whole Concept Of Self Made Man Or Woman Is A Myth

The Whole Concept Of Self Made Man Or Woman Is A Myth

Arnold, however, started his commencement speech by taking a dig at the policy of latest US Government about the immigrants. He started congratulating the president of the university about her work and conveyed her that he is proud of her. He is even glad that a fellow immigrant is making the country better. Of course, none of the students could have been reached to the level they are if they didn’t get proper guidance, education and inspiration from the institution itself.

He then moves the focus of his conversation to his own life story and how he achieved the things with the help of many supporters.

Holding Hand To Support And Guide

Holding Hand To Support And Guide

What I like the most in the speech is the way he mentioned the importance of parents. They are the reason we are in the world. And if you don’t believe in the God, then also they are the ones to look at. They are the reason of your very existence and you must acknowledge the words of thanks to them. They were the ones who showered their unconditional love on you when you were nothing. And if they didn’t make all the sacrifices they did, you possibly couldn’t be the one you are.

This reminds me the traditional family values which are highly regarded in India. It also reminded me the family values represented in a book named Mountains to Manhattan I recently read.

Of course, he congratulates the achievers, but at the same time, just draws their attention to look at the sweat and blood, time and dedication by the people who loved them, which in the root of their achievements.

He talks about his own experiences and tells that how he was inspired by some locals towards bodybuilding and how he was taught pull ups on a branch of a tree. It was a small yet important step which was taken by him on the path of one of his biggest achievement. And, how can he not thank to those individuals?!

He also remembers Reg Park for being his inspiration and igniting a wish to become a professional (and most successful) body builder he became. He had seen the immense success as a body builder. And, if he wasn’t the most admired body builder of his time, possibly he couldn’t have his other two careers (in films and politics).



Arnold also talks about the acting and accent removal lessons, English lessons and many other things he did. But, at the same time, he also acknowledges that he got all the opportunities and everything, because he was in America at that time. So in addition to his producers, directors, crew members and other, he also thanks specifically to USA, for being the land of opportunity.

I also like the talk about his gesture of gathering all the technicians and other crew members along with musicians, cameramen, director, producer and everyone else associated with the movie, to say a big thank you. It is really a thing worth to do. Because as Arnold rightly said, all these fellows put efforts which resulted into him looking great on screen. We often see people on the screen and admire their work, but often forget that there are many, behind the camera, making it possible.

Arnold also remembers his father in law and his advise that “Remove mirror from in front of you, where you can only yourself, and you will be able to many other fellows.”

So, as you got support from others throughout your journey, it is also your duty to return it back to the society by helping others.

Arnold says that “after all we are remembered for all we give, not for what we earn”.

The speech reminds me philosophy of Karma and the 4 segments of life as mentioned in the Indian way of living.

  1. Brahmcharyashram
  2. Grihasthashram
  3. Vanprashthashram
  4. Sanyasashram

It is definitely worth to watch commencement speech. The time you will spent for it is going to be one of the worth moments of your life.

Please remember that this is not the transcript of the commencement speech. It is our own summarized interpretation of it. Let us know if you find something interesting in the speech which we missed, we love to read you.

Do you want to read full transcript of this commencement speech?

Link To Full Transcript:

Full transcript of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Speech at University of Houston

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