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An Inspirational Speech by Arnold Schwarzenegger | Words of Inspiration

Arnold Schwarzenegger have achieved almost everything he dreamt of. And it is not that he simply got lucky or he was the person who was at right place at right time. His tremendous efforts, dedication, hard work and intelligent decisions made him what he is.

Today he is considered as the multi-skilled personality. He is one of the most perfectly built human being from modern days, one of the highly paid Hollywood action star, a successful politician, a social worker and much more. But he is also a down to earth person. When he talks about his success you will see proud with humbleness rather than arrogance.

He is definitely an idol for lot many. There may not be any gym where his photograph is not there. There might not be any English movie lovers who haven’t ever seen any of his films. His personal life might got caught in controversy at several incidents; but he represented himself with dignity and remained a source of inspiration for many.

He was invited to Sydney (Australia) for a program to provide a motivational speech and he was a delight to watch and hear at the same.

Here is the public video of this speech, uploaded by PED (Partnership In Enterprise Development) at YouTube:

He is wise enough to summarise all his thoughts in the 5 simple yet powerful rules.

  1. Find a vision and follow it.
  2. Never ever think anything small.
  3. Ignore the naysayers.
  4. Work your butt off.
  5. Don’t just take, give something back.

He discussed in detail about each of them. And each discussion is added with the real life incidents he passed through, some motivational quotes or reference which played important part in his life, the people he admire and much more. It is a delight to watch this video.

What could have been better article to start the month of October 2014!? 🙂

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