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The Gathering | Episode 11 of Baahubali: The Lost Legends Animation Series | Views and Reviews

Let us continue our quest to explore Hindi TV Serial – Baahubali: The Lost Legends. It is worth to note that it is available in English, Tamil and Telugu as well. As we have already discussed about first 10 episode of this animated TV Series, let us discuss about Episode 11. This episode is titled as The Gathering.

TV Serial : Baahubali – The Lost Legends
Season : Season 1
19 Apr, 2017
Episode # : 11
Episode Title : The Gathering
Originally published : 28 Jul, 2017
Animation Directors : Deepak S. Jadhav, Ashwin Pande
Creative Director : Sanajeev Tamang
Based on : Bahubali, created by
Executive Producers : S. S. Rajamouli, Sharad Devrajan, Shobu Yarlagadda, Prasad Devineni, Jeevan J. Kang, Narendra Deshpande, Ashwin Pande
Co-Producer : Arun Roshan Jacob
Story by : , , ,
Screenplay :
Original Music created by : Kaala Bhairava
Production companies: : Graphic India, Arka Mediaworks
Voice Artists : Viraj Adhav (Baahubali), Manoj Pandey (Bhallaladeva), Manini Mishra (Sivagami Devi), Deepak Sinha (Bijjaladeva), Samay Thakkar (Katappa), Vinod Kulkarni (Pradhan Guru), Anamay Verma (Gammala Khan), Sumit Kaul (King Varaah), Ankit Goswami (Jenaab Abbas), Pooja Punjabi (Ingrid Eiriksdottir), Rajesh Shukla (Li Xin), Aaditya Raaj (Mahabali), Ish Thakkar (Aakanksh), Sonal Kaushal (Princess Yamagni), Ghanshyam Shukla (Minister 1 ), Mukesh Pandey (Minister 2), and others…

Let us take a bird’s eye view to the plot of this episode – The Master.

This Is Here In For You

Book Plot:

The political situations at Mahishmati are getting complicated. One after the another problems are coming to make the situation trickier.

While at one end, the spies of Mahishmati got news that the barbarians are approaching towards Mahishmati with their forces, at the another end, Mahishmati is the host for an event which was arranged since last 500 years. It is a championship of warriors where representatives of various kingdoms from around the world participate in. Actually, the event is not hosted in Mahishmati every year, but like Olympic, it is arranged in different kingdoms at a regular interval, and this time, Mahishmati is the host.

The ministers of Mahishmati was very worried due to current circumstances. They have suggested canceling the event as they need to save money to bought new weapons and train the soldiers, which is more important for the safety of Mahishmati. At the same time, they also think that it is not wise to engage various resources in the preparation and the execution of the event, rather than getting them ready for the battle.

Sivagami Devi, however, think that it is necessary for Mahishmati to go against all odds and arrange the event. Cancelling the event will not only harm the reputation the might of Mahishmati but it also means losing an opportunity to make allies. The main aspect for Mahishmati is not to win the competition but to make new friends who stand with them when they need. And, they need such friends desperately.

Sivagami advised both the prince to work on this task. She was happy to lose the competition to gain dependable allies.

As planned there are remarkable warriors from various corners of the world came to Mahishmati and they are given a grand welcome. Sivagami arranged a welcome dinner for all them. It was a political move to impress the guests and create a positive bond between them all.

But, everything doesn’t go the way it is assumed to.

One of the participants made fun of Sivagami and bluntly told that she is doing desperate attempts to win their friendship as Mahishmati is not capable of retaliating the attack from the barbarians. He arrogantly suggested that he is ready to lend his help only if Sivagami plea him to do so.

This arrogance doesn’t go well with Bhallaladeva and Baahubali.

What will happen now? Will there be a clash between the host and guests? How will Sivagami handle this situation? Is king Varaah and Bahllaladeva have their own plans? What is Pradhan Guru doing during this course of events? All these and many other questions are answered when you watch this episode.

Views And Reviews:

This episode talks about the political tricks one needs to play when ruling a kingdom. It is easy to give vent to your anger and get into fighting with the opponent, but, it may lead to a fatal situation for many other fellows. The best scene of – The Gathering – episode is possibly the one where Sivagami answers so brilliantly to the arrogant participant. Her words, though spoken politely were so firm and contain the edge which made the prince run out of the dining hall.

It is important to understand that the more prominent figure you are the future of a large number of people associated with you is dependent on your actions. You need to be firm and full of self-esteem and at the same time, you need be calm and composed as well.

Also, it is necessary to make friends and allies, who stand with you in tough situations. Even the mightiest warriors cannot fight the battle all alone.

As we can see, the episode is good at content. The script writer deserves the credit for the same. The simple yet effective dialogs multiply the impact of the good plot. Also, the scenes between Varaah and Bhallaladeva proves that the ruler must not have any secrets which force him to behave as a puppet in other’s hands.

The script writer thoughtfully chose the name and ethnicity of various participants. If you look at it carefully, it will make you remember the tri-wizard tournament in Harry Potter books (and thus the movies).

In addition to the content, the efforts of voice over artists are worth a mention. Actually, they are the backbone of this episode. They all have acted so brilliantly using their voice that you can say that they made the animated characters alive on the screen.

At the same time, you will be disappointed with the animation quality if you’ve expected the same visual splendor for which the Baahubali movie series is known for. One can argue that as the series is primarily made for kids and young adults, such animation quality is acceptable. However, as TV Series is made to explore the unexplored tales associated with the legend of Baahubali, you cannot expect that no adults are going to watch it. And, we can see that these days, even the kids special series contains even 3D animations. So yes, I’ve expected better animation quality here and I am disappointed here. There are some exceptions too, for example, the title sequence is really good.

The background music adds to the positive aspects of the episode. It really makes each and every scene full of impact.

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Overall a nice episode which you will enjoy watching. As now 13 episodes of the series are already released, you may go ahead to explore 1 free month of Amazon Prime Videos.

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