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Arnold Schwarzenegger Commencement Keynote Address At EMORY University | Words of Wisdom and Inspiration

Arnold Schwarzenegger! The name is enough. He is the living example of determination, hard work and success beyond limits. Whatever he have achieved may not be day dreamed in the environment he grew up. His life is full of success in diverse career. The most successful body builder, the highest paid actor, governor of California and much more. But here we are not going to discuss his career in body building or movies or politics yet we are going to refer the same. His keynote address at the EMORY university in 2010 is a must to hear stuff.

With all the respect to the university and all the people associated with the same, we are presenting here the essence of what Arnie told in our words as the glimpses with the vision that it will be helpful to the student all around the world. Remember it is not word to word translation but summary in our own words.

  • You cannot achieve major success without love and support of your family (or loved ones).
  • Teachers are as respected as parents, as they are the ones who guide you the correct path.
  • It is most important for you to know what exactly you want. Visualising the dream is the first step to the journey of success.
  • Work like hell, trust yourself, break some rules, don’t be afraid of getting failed and stay hungry. Ignore those who advise you to do otherwise, eg. not believing in yourself.
  • Turn the obstacles into the opportunities, liabilities into assets.
  • Never give up and never stop trying. When you do so, you are boxing up yourself and limiting yourself.Failures are the parts of life.
  • Stay hungry to achieve more, stay hungry to learn more; no matter how successful you are or how old you are. You never learn enough.
  • The greatness is tied up with fame and fortune, the Big career and lots of money are the measure of success, well this is wrong.
  • Reach out the someone who need help and you can help him or her. After helping someone you will get the inner joy which is beyond explanation and better than all feelings.
  • Tear down that mirror which makes you look at yourself (only). This way you will be able to look beyond it. Looking beyond yourself and helping other is where the true greatness lies.
  • Forgiveness is ultimate quality and it is much better than seeking revenge.
  • The chain reaction starting from a simple step taken from a peer.
  • Use yourself to serve and make a difference.
  • Use your potential at its best to make the world the better place.

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