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Amazon Prime Air | Introducing Future Of E-Commerce

Doing a business is tough thing. Doing something innovative and path changing and taking it to the top is tougher. Being on top by continuously updating various aspects of the business is even tougher. Amazon.com is the pioneer of E-Commerce and despite of having several tough competitors it is still considered as one of the most reliable ones due to the service they provide. And to provide the best service, one needs to use the resources and technology at the best. This is what Amazon does.

Recently team Amazon have posted a video on YouTube, regarding its – Amazon Prime Air – service.

Also today we found a letter by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos posted on their home page regarding how over time they made improvement in their packaging system to make the company more Eco friendly. It discusses Wrap Rage, and Frustration Free Packaging (which is easy to open as well) over the time of last five years.

Interestingly Amazon started using Frustration-free packaging with 19 products and now they dispatch around 2,00,000 items via this method! Who says, it is easy to be on top and retain the place. Continuous updating and adaptation of the latest technology is must. And they are open for any feedback from customers at: http://www.amazon.com/pkggwltr. So these are the lessons to learn for any entrepreneur, for sure.

What you think about Amazon Prime Air video? Do let us know your words via comments below. And yes, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8′ 9″ is still available at discount of Rs. 4000 in Indian marketplace.

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