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A Viral AD Campaign By Google | Tech Happenings

How can you advertise a search engine? That also for Google, a synonym of search engine? And that too in a way which go viral?

But Google launched an advertisement of its search engine with the theme Reunion. The advertisement video got 9,518,685 hits in just 3 weeks (and counting)!!

This video teaches us some very basics of the marketing – touch the heart of the viewer.

And here are some more in the same series following the above one…

Recently we have published an article about how Amazon comes with new and effective ways to serve customers. That also follows the same philosophy – Be Innovative.

What you think about this video campaign by Google?! Do let us know via comments below. And yes, if you like the campaign, do not forget to share it via Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other means; with your friends, family and others!

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