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A real hero missed an interview but saved a life | News

When surfing the Internet today, I came to know about one more real life hero and felt not to let him unsung. The reason is the belief of mine that these are the real people who make the society a better place to live. These are the people prove that world is still a better place and there are real humans live here.

Here are the details about one such hero and his heroic work:

Delroy Simmonds, a fellow for Brooklyn was en route to the job interview on Tuesday when he had seen something unusual. A nine month old is fallen onto the tracks and to save the kid Simmonds jumped on to the subway track. The good thing is, he was able to save the kid. He did a good work and it was taken note of by remarkable newspapers, which made him hero.

What we like even more is his calm and composite response after he was popular overnight. He says, people considers me as superhero but I am not, I am a normal man and anyone else could have done the same which I did. What a genuine fellow!

His noble work paid him of course. He was looking for a job since long and now he was hired for one, and that is on the rate of $2 additional per hour then the regular fellows. Read complete details about the incident and the fellow here.

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  1. Another heartwarming story of a NY Policeman.
    Human qualities of a policeman

    When can we see more and more policemen (actually people of all the professions) acting like him?

    They are the real heroes, who make the world the better place to live.

    Keep it up!!!

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