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Episode 4 of Chanakya Hindi TV Serial On DVD | A Personal Review

It is truly said that the wealth makes one blind! He cannot see the truth beyond. In addition to the wealth, DhanaNand got power also. Which made him think he is the god for people of Magadh and whatever he says is the truth. There is nothing beyond his thinking. Which made Shaktar to go rebel.

To support the dear friend, Aacharya Chanak also opposed the wrong doings of DhanaNand. He tried awakening souls of the citizens of Magadh by spreading the truth. However he was captured by the soldiers of DhanaNand and we can assume his fate. Vishnu – the kid of Chanak analyzed the situation and assumed what could have happened to his father as he witness him being dragged by the soldiers of DhanaNand. Vishnu informed her mother the same but also asked her to not to plea to any citizen of Magadh to do anything to get Chanak released. He strongly believed that the people are really scared of DhanaNand. Whatever Chanak was doing was for the entire Magadh and still not a single soul tried protecting him; now what to expect from them? And अश्वं नैव गजं नैव व्याघ्रं नैव च | अजापुत्रं बलिं दधातु देवो दुर्बलाघतक: || the reason the goat is always sacrificed never a lion, because of their powers accordingly. When someone know that you are the easy target you will be treated that way. So make sure to let no one know your weakness ever.

The next day Vishnu went to collect alms as per his routine but no one including Brahmin, Businessman or even muscleman was ready to help the son of a traitor(?!) and got affected with the anger of DhanaNand and his men. Vishnu got nothing that day. Then he went to his mother (because he didn’t want to go to gurukul empty handed), who of course gave her the alms. However when reached at Gurukul he found something was not well. He was asked by his teacher to go back and take care of his mother who is alone now and his home. Willing to study Vishnu tried knowing the truth and he was informed that his presence in Gurukul can be dangerous for Gurukul, its teachers and students all!

Thinking about his fate and future, Vishnu was sit alone when he was informed one more sad news. His mother was no more! He rushed home and found that people were preparing for the funeral. Vishnu didn’t want to pay tax for the wood needed for the same as it was one of the reasons his father and Shaktar fought against. So he tread down a shed in his own backyard and used the wood from the same for the last voyage of his mother. Though sad and angry Vishnu looked as composite as he was usually found. He believed in उदये सविता रक्तो रक्तश्चास्तमये तथा । सम्पत्तौ च विपत्तौ च महतामेकरुपता ॥ .

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Summary and our Views

What actually will happen (or already happened) to Chanak who is in the prison of DhanaNand? What will be fate of Shaktar and his sons? and most importantly what Vishnu will do now? How will he survive or get educated? Will the people of Magadh oppose any of these incidents or they got used to it (and fearful from DhanaNand)?

The background music and screenplay is fantastic. So does the acting of the cast playing the major roles. The serial is a must watch. There is a famous saying that you can know the capabilities of a person when he was a newborn. This is found really correct when see the kid Vishnu and his qualities like determination, standing for the truth, analyzing the situation and of course knowledge. A not to miss TV show anyway. No added melodrama to get viewership, no larger than the life characterization, no splendid incidents, just well documented history presented in really a nice way.

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