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Honest People | Real Life Heroes | News

In past we have gladly covered some incidents like Honest Rickshaw Driver In India, and of course many such incidents in the reviews of Reader’s Digest India. We strongly believed that the people with quality are the real heroes ad they are the ones who makes the society the better place to live. They and their quality should be brought to attention. . Here are some more such real heroes we are going to refer.

There is a worker named Mr. Dharmedra at Ahmedabad Airport, who looks after the cleaning of the area. Recently a traveller named Mr. Ghanshyam arrived at Ahmedabad airport with his luggage. He got busy in the routine customs stuff and later when he left, he forgot to pick one of his pouch. The pouch was having a some gold stuff which cost more than one lakh rupees. Mr. Dharmedra found the pouch! Now, he could have kept it with him, but this genuine fellow met custom officials and got whereabouts of the real owner. With the help of those officers he then was able to deliver the valuables to the owner! So the fellow who is doing sweeping or cleaning duties have kept his mind also cleaned and set an example of Honesty. Kudos Mr. Dharmendra, we admire you.

There is a fellow named Mr. Javed Sheikh who drives auto for living. He got one old couple as the passenger from Ahmedabad railway station to some place. When he was about to server the next passengers he got to find that the old age couple did forget some of their luggage in the rickshaw. When he checked the luggage he found that there was cash and some jewelery there within. He then found a number form the luggage and informed them about the incident. When the owner and their relatives reached at Javed’s home and get their luggage they were found it intact! In the time when scams and scandals keep hitting the newspaper headlines we must not forget to keep taking note of fellow like Mr. Javed who is living in a shade of 10X10 but have the great wealth of moral, ethics and qualities.

Do you know any such other incidents from anywhere around the world. Do share with us. These real heroes are making the society a strong place to live, they must be admired and appreciated.

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