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Split Personality Case | Buy Tehkikaat TV Serial On DVD | Reviews

Mr. Uday Singh was addressing his syndicate in a boardroom about the new venture. Development of a luxurious resort is the agenda of the discussion. They all liked the plan. Mr. Mehta asks about his share and demands to be a 25% partner as he is going to provide the land for the project. Uday agrees. When the meeting was over, Uday asks her secretary to bring the rough draft of proposed deal so he can work on the same. When he was waiting for the draft, he felt presence of someone in the room. He raise his head and ... Read More »

Who is the killer? – Episode Tehkikaat TV Serial On DVD Views and Reviews

Its little longer we met Mr. Sam D’Silva and his assistant Gopichand, detective and his junior respectively. Lets meet him again to see on which case they are working on, in the TV serial Tehkikaat directed by Karan Razdan and Shekhar kapoor. There is a girl lying on the bed, it is seen clearly that her throat was cut with something very sharp and she was murdered. It is revealed that her name was Nisha. Sam and Gopi visit the place very quickly, even before police reached there. Sam found a cigarette holder there and a little piece of cloth, ... Read More »

Tehkikaat | TV Serial | Next Episode on DVD views and reviews

The car heading towards Goa, from Bombay (Mumbai now), had to stop because of a road closed interruption. The lady in the black and her driver in white comes out to inquire the reason. The police inspector on duty there, asked that the road is closed. And they cannot go ahead. They need to turn around from that very place. As if they go ahead, there is not even place to U-turn the car. The inspector then asked them go back and after some distance they can turn towards a rough road, and they can head to a hotel. That ... Read More »

The fear of the future |Tehkikaat Hindi TV serial on DVD views and reviews

There has been a significant amount of time passed since we last met, the detective Mr. Sam D’silva and his junior Mr. Gopichand. Now they are telling that there the time for our next meeting, and based on the relations we have, I cannot afford them to feel ignored by me. Fun apart, lets talk the second case in their journey “The fear of the future”. Related reading for you: Split Personality Case | Buy Tehkikaat TV Serial On DVD | Reviews Who is the killer? – Episode Tehkikaat TV Serial On DVD Views and Reviews Tehkikaat | TV Serial ... Read More »

Episode 1: Tehkikaat – TV Serial

There is a new year celebration party running in full throttle. Various  people hang on together either as part of the package or invited by someone in one of the prestigious hotel of a metro city on the night of 31st December. As with all the New Year’s eve party, this one is also started a little late on the night of 31st December and at 00:00am of 1st January, people will greet each other new year wishes and some may keep enjoy for a while and go to their room to catch some sound sleep before the day begin. ... Read More »

Tehkikaat – TV Serial on DVD

Mysteries and suspense always fascinates humans. According to me the reason is humans have brains and hence the logic. The entire progress of mankind and human civilisation is the tendency of the human nature to resolve the mysteries. When we realise there is something we don’t know, we will be doing our best to resolve it. The progress of the science is also based on the quest to resolve and understand the things that happen in our surroundings. The mysteries challenges us to uncover the truth, that thrills us from within, so most often the mysteries are thrillers. That’s why spies are considered ... Read More »