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Tehkikaat – TV Serial on DVD

Mysteries and suspense always fascinate humans. According to me, the reason is humans have brains and hence the logic. The entire progress of mankind and human civilization is the tendency of human nature to resolve the mysteries. When we realize there is something we don’t know, we will be doing our best to resolve it. The progress of science is also based on the quest to resolve and understand the things that happen in our surroundings.

The mysteries challenge us to uncover the truth, that thrills us from within, so most often the mysteries are thrillers. That’s why spies are considered heroes and so are the detectives. From Sherlock homes to James Bond to many more, they all have their own place in the mind and heart of the people. The reason behind the success of authors like Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Ian Fleming to… reinforces the truth. Even Harry Potter books, the Bourne series, Dan Brown’s works, all leads to solve the mystery, thrills the people and loved by all.

In the earlier days, there was a TV Serial named “Tehkikaat” (The investigation) aired on DoorDarshan (around 1994). It was the story of an elderly, funny, witty and of course intelligent private detective Sam D’silva (played by Vijay Anand – the great actor and marvelous director) and his assistant Gopinath a.k.a. Gopi (played by another brilliant actor Saurabh Shukla); encountered with various mysterious incidents and resolving them in a manner that glued the viewer to the TV set. The serial was written and directed by Karan Razdan and Shekhar Kapur (again the respected names).

[The video is taken from the public domain of YouTube]

The nice thing about the TV serial is, it is now available on DVD. So those who have enjoyed it during the original telecast can revisit and enjoy it. And those who haven’t can take the opportunity now. The serial is coming as a set of 4 DVDs by Reliance Big Home Entertainment.

It is available for online purchase at Flipkart.com at very competitive rates.

Episode 1: Tehkikaat


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