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Who is the killer? – Episode Tehkikaat TV Serial On DVD Views and Reviews

Its little longer we met Mr. Sam D’Silva and his assistant Gopichand, detective and his junior respectively. Lets meet him again to see on which case they are working on, in the TV serial Tehkikaat directed by Karan Razdan and Shekhar kapoor. There is a girl lying on the bed, it is seen clearly that her throat was cut with something very sharp and she was murdered. It is revealed that her name was Nisha. Sam and Gopi visit the place very quickly, even before police reached there. Sam found a cigarette holder there and a little piece of cloth, seems to be part of someone’s shirt, might be killer’s?!

Inspector Chaudhary comes there for investigation and asks Sam and Gopi that who they are and on learning their identity, even asked that who appointed you on this case. Sam mysteriously smiles and answers that its secret. Though inspector Chaudhary challenge that he will resolve the case prior to the detective duo. Sam and Gopi leaves the place and when asked by the press reporters gathered there, that this is the third murder in recent times in the city, all girl victims, what is the matter? who is doing it and how the citizens could feel secure? Sam smartly redirects the press fellows to inspector Chaudhary.

He meets Nilam, the room partner of the victim, who saw the dead body first. Sam asks her briefing of the victim and tells that under the circumstance, she would be considered as the prime suspect by police. At the same time inspector Chaudhary arrives and wondered that what Sam and Gopi are doing here, though he tells Nilam that she is the prime suspect under the circumstances. Sam asks inspector to give him some time to talk to the girl, he learns that right now Nisha was working with a shipping company and earlier she was working at S. A. Travels. At the time of leaving the place Sam advised inspector Chaudhary to not to handle Nilam in ill way, as she is innocent.

He then meets the friends of previously murdered other two girls Ritu who is working with Jain Builders at the time she was murdered but was working at S. A. Travels before joining this company; and Sheela was also found working previously at S. A. Travels. Sam and Gopi finds this connection as somewhat strange as all the murdered victims were worked at S. A. Travels previously. Sam meets to his client who have appointed him on the case and once he tells him everything, the client with mustaches advices him to find out, if there is any girl in the city who worked at S. A. Travels previously and working somewhere else right now; she could be the next victim in such case.

Sam finds and meet Nalini Singh, the only such girl. She found happy-go-lucky nature girl. She refused to take Sam’s warning seriously and she didn’t believe that she could be of someone’s murder interest. Though Sam advised her to take care of her and leave her home. Sam and Gopi on the other hand visit S. A. Travels and meet Mr. Shekhar Anand, the owner of the company and asks him about the strange connection of victims with his company. Shekhar tried to avoid Sam and Gopi and presenting himself as natural as possible but his body language told that he was feeling uncomfortable. Sam and Gopi find some strange man as Mr. Shekhar’s assistant, whom they traced at the place where Nisha was killed.

In the night when Nalini left her home and driving to somewhere, someone from the back seat of her car tried killing her with sharp plastic, cord like string. Her car gets crashed in a pillar of the parking and she got saved from the attacker. But she started taking Sam and Gopi’s warning seriously. Sam found a chain in the back seat of the car. When being asked Nalini told that it doesn’t belong her. Sam remembers that they have seem the chain wore by Shekhar Anand. Sam, Gopi and inspector Chaudhary visit Shekhar’s home to arrest him as Gopi and inspector Chaudhary both found the proofs indicating Shekhar as the killer. When they reach to Shekhar Anand’s home, his wife Naina Anand opens the door. Though Shekhar was at home, but when the inspector show him his chain (as the proof that he is the suspect who attacked Nalini Singh and hence to take him into the custody), his wife shows them the proof of the police complaint she filed a little long before the incident happen, that the locket has been stolen by someone. The police team have to move back with an apology.

So who is the killer? P. A. of Shekhar Anand, or Shekhar Anand himself, or someone else? Who is the mysterious client of Sam who appointed him on this case? So many questions, all can be get answered by watching the episode. Fantastic actors, well built plot, and other positive aspects makes the episode must watch.

So keep reading, keep reviewing and keep watching.

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