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Eat Up, Clean Up By Manjari Chandra | Book Review

Eat Up, Clean Up: Your Personal Journey To A Healthy Life By Manjari Chandra | Book Cover

Books are our best friends. We, all ThinkerViews Team Members believe in this line. So, we keep exploring all kinds of books (well, with a few exceptions). And, we are fortunate that we get a chance to read books from across genres. And, books about Health are no exception. In fact, all of them teach different aspects to the readers. ... Read More »

We of the Forsaken World by Kiran Bhat | Book Review

We of the Forsaken World by Kiran Bhat | Book Cover

One of the greatest joys for us at Team Thinkerviews is connecting to authors from around the world as they share their thoughts and worlds with us. We were approached by author Kiran Bhat who is a global citizen with extensive travel and living experiences from around the world. He is someone who reads extensively in almost a dozen languages ... Read More »

The Fishbowl | An EBook By Vivek Kumar | Personal Review

The Fishbowl | An EBook By Vivek Kumar | Cover Page

We see the world differently when we are growing up. And, once we grow up, we find the world quite different than what we have imagined. Sometimes, the people we hated in our early years became our biggest support and strengthen our backbone contrary to the people we found dependable and we did a lot for them turn out to ... Read More »