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Episode 1: Tehkikaat – TV Serial

There is a new year celebration party running in full throttle. Various people hang on together either as part of the package or invited by someone in one of the prestigious hotels of a metro city on the night of 31st December. As with all the New Year’s Eve party, this one is also started a little late on the night of 31st December and at 00:00 am of 1st January, people will greet each other new year wishes and some may keep enjoy for a while and go to their room to catch some sound sleep before the day begin. While others may continue dancing and joy till late. There is a trend of having a mask on the faces to add fun to the joy and this party is no exception.

[The video is taken from the public domain of YouTube]

When dancing, a girl (played by Amita Nangia) finds her sandal hill is broken, so she is leaving for her room. Someone watching her continuously from behind the mask. There was a young fellow who tells his friend that he needs to visit the bathroom and left. After some time, a young girl who was playing with a young boy goes upstairs, and during their game of hiding and seek, she finds a room opens and she gets in there to hide. Soon she realizes that there is a young lady sleeping in the bed having the stabbed knife in her stomach. She goes downstairs and brings her mother there. The girl on the bed reaches her death when trying to tell something to the lady. She was able to whisper “kan” only before took her last breath.

The lady informs the hotel management and everyone got stunned by hearing the news. The police come in under the lead of inspector Bhinde. Who asks that the murder was one of the people staying in the hotel and refuse to allow anyone to leave the hotel till the investigation is over and the murderer was found.

There comes in a private detective named Sam D’silva accompanied by his assistant Gopichand. He reveals that the management of the hotel has called him for his help. On their arrival, Sam’s dog runs into a lady (played by Kitu Gidwani) who is happened to be an author of spy novels. Sam does a little flirting with the lady and then moves on to his work. After meeting the lady who met the girl dead in her last moments, Sam found that the last words of the lady were “Kan”. He and Gopi check the register to find the guest names starting with “Kan” and they find one name “Kanchan” there on the list. Gopi declares that this is the open and shut case and the lady herself is the killer. By the way, the victim’s name was Aarti.

They go to the room, mistaken the young lady who opened the door was “Kanchan”, they, later on, realizes that the elderly fat lady who was sitting on the wheelchair is Kanchan. Sam apologizes to them and leaves the room noting in his mind the presence of a walking stick. He tells Gopi that if the elderly lady cannot leave the wheelchair, what was the walking stick doing there?

They keep meeting the female novelist and keep sharing each other’s views regarding the murder (as a spy novelist’s views are usually interesting). Then they meet the victim’s husband, Mr. Roy. There they see a lady, which happens to be Mr. Roy’s sister. It was revealed that the relations between the victim and Mr. Roy’s sister were not warm enough. Sam sees there are some pieces of the turned out letter found in the room’s dustbin. He goes to the manager and asks him to send someone to collect the dustbin in that way that no one else should know about it.

They also found about the young fellow Jimmy, who left the party around the same time Aarti has left the dance floor. Jimmy was once charged for rape in the past and as he had left the dance floor when Aarti did, pulls him in the circle of doubt. Jimmy revealed he was set free by the court by declaring him not guilty in the rape charge. Jimmy also accepted that he followed the victim that night. But after having some drinks in his room when he was moving towards the victim’s room, he ran into someone coming from the stairs. Though the person had a mask on his face, he doesn’t know who he was. A little later he remembered something and asked Sam that he might have something which might help to find the murderer. Sam lets him go to get it.

Later, the letter’s pieces were put together to generate the entire letter back, though the little dog of Sam chews a few pieces before the letter can be assembled and thus the letter remains incomplete. They find the name “Kan” was there in the letter and the content was something “let’s settle down this issue tonight itself”. Jimmy,  who left to collect the probable evidence which can finger out the murder, calls Sam that he found the same, and he is waiting near the lift for Sam to hand it over to him. When Sam and others reach there, they found Jimmy was stabbed to death. “Kanch” are the last words he could breathe out.

After this second murder, all the guests detained in the hotel for the investigation get feared for their own safety and demands to let them go. Inspector Bhinde didn’t have the choice. He declares that he will let everyone leave the hotel the next morning. Now Sam and Gopi have only the remaining of the night to catch the murderer. Sam was calling everyone for the party and he himself started dancing wildly and invited everyone to join him with the same masks they have donned on the party night.

There are a lot of things happened during the party and after confronting several doubtful people, Sam ultimately unmasks the murderer. And the murderer was…. well, suspense should remain suspense till you yourself watch it. I will not sour your joy of watching it being revealed on your own.


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