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Mr. Uday Singh was addressing his syndicate in a boardroom about the new venture. Development of a luxurious resort is the agenda of the discussion. They all liked the plan. Mr. Mehta asks about his share and demands to be a 25% partner as he is going to provide the land for the project. Uday agrees. When the meeting was over, Uday asks her secretary to bring the rough draft of proposed deal so he can work on the same. When he was waiting for the draft, he felt presence of someone in the room. He raise his head and found that someone else looking similar to him in different cloths and notably wearing a hat, is sitting there. We will call him “the other man” till we learn “who he was?”

The other man asks Uday that why don’t he kill Mr. Mehta, that way he don’t need to pay him 25% of the partnership and the land will be available to him anyway, this way he will be able to earn 50% of partnership. Uday refuses. The other man insists and tells that Uday is very greedy and lusty and he was thinking the same in his mind. Uday gets angry and asks him to leave. Though the other man keeps his calm and asks Uday that, you in your mind are planning to kill Mr. Mehta, these are your thoughts. Now Uday shouts on the other man and ask him to leave at once. The other man steps ahead to leave but repeat his words once more. Uday gets lost into the thoughts of the incident. He was bring to the present by his secretary who brings the rough partnership draft. When looking at the draft he asks his secretary that “whether he left?”, “Who?” when asked by the secretary, he says “No one” and let her go.

When he reach his home after the office and was in deep thoughts in his drawing room, his beautiful wife comes and asks that he seems lost in some worry and insist him to tell the same. He reveals that Vijay was came to his office after the syndicate meeting. He also tells whatever happened there and how Vijay encouraged him to kill Mr. Mehta. He then asked his wife, whether he himself is so selfish and greedy as Vijay mentioned? Whether he himself is thinking to kill Mr. Mehta and grab the land?

Mrs. Neena Singh wife of Uday Singh reaches a restaurant and was checking the menu. Detective Sam D’Silva and his assistant Gopichand were waiting for her at the reception and when they affirm that she is the one who called them, they goes to her. Neena tells him about the incident and asks Sam to find out Vijay and get him behind the bars. When Sam asked for more details that, Vijay is Uday’s twin brother. She never met him in her 5 years of married life. They tried several times but somehow it was not worked out. She didn’t know anything about Vijay more than that. Uday was also not keen to keep relations with his outlined brother and don’t know more about his whereabouts. He occasionally meets Uday and alway implant the crime thoughts in his mind. As Vijay seems dangerous for the society he might have committed crimes in past and he must be captured, insisted by Neena. Sam and Gopi assure her to do their best.

We see that Vijay goes to “Silver Stand” hotel with cafeteria. When he was leaving from there, he tips 100 Rs. to the gatekeeper of the hotel. He then see that a pretty young lady was about to leave in her car. He went to met her and asked to provide a lift to him, as the raining is started and he is not having a car. The lady agrees. In the car he flirt with the lady and told her that he is planning to do some dangerous stuff. The lady thought he was joking and both them lost into the laughter. After some time he asks the lady to stop the car. We hear the shout of the lady then.

We see that it was a crime scene the pretty lady was found dead in her car and police arrived to take the charge. Inspector Chaudhary was the in-charge of the case. As the lady had last seen at Silver Stand, police inquired the door keeper of the same. The door keeper told that he had seen the lady at hotel, and she left with someone who gave him a 100 rs. note as tip. But he was unable to explain the person’s look as there are many people visit the hotel daily. When he was leaving he saw the photos of wanted people and confirms that one of those was the guy who left with that lady. It was the photo of Vijay. Inspector Chaudhary calls Sam and tells him that your doubt was right, Vijay have raped this lady and killed her. He might have committed more crimes in past but was lucky to escape always. Though this time the gate keeper of Silver Stand have identified him.

Sam and Gopi Visits Uday Singh’s place and told the stuff to Neena. There they met Uday and they were in a bit of shock by seeing him. Neena introduce them to him. Uday told there is nothing abnormal. Vijay is his twin and they are look a like. Uday also tells that “Based on his behaviour like a criminal I was sure that he will do something wrong”. When Sam asked him about Vijay’s home or living place, Uday resuse to know anything as he always keep distance with him. Sam also found that there is no particular place where Vijay came to meet Uday, he was suddenly and occasionally met him anywhere. Neena insist Sam to find Vijay by all the efforts. Sam and Gopi left on the mission.

Sam and Gopi searches desperately for Vijay with support of inspector Chaudhary and his team, but they were unlucky. Once they got hint that Vijay was there in some restaurant. Sam and Gopi captures him but the suspect claims that he is Uday. Mr. Mehta appears there and confirms that he is Uday. Sam apologize Uday and explained that their appearance are so same, he got it wrong. When once Sam sitting frustrated by seeing that all the efforts are going into vein, was talking to himself. His soul asked him that “you seems captured in some dilemma for the first time right? Unable to find any clue with all your efforts tool?”. Sam affirm. His spirit(can we call it?) asks “Uday might be talking to Vijay like I am talking to you”. Sam asked that “you are not a separate person but you are my inside”. He also thought something about Uday and Vijay.

Gopi comes with a good news that he found the lead to the lady who was Uday and Vijay’s care taker in their early childhood. Mrs. Gomez was the person who played guardian for them and She must know everything about both of them, including the address of Vijay. Sam and Gopi gives her a visit. She tells about Uday and Vijay’s problematic childhood, shares some of their childhood related memories and shows him some childhood photos of both them. When seeing the photos Sam realizes something and confronts the lady that Uday and Vijay are not two different persons but he is a single person. Mrs. Gomez oppose strongly but after some efforts of Sam she got collapsed and reveals that Sam was right. The kids have problematic childhood. Their parents were keep fighting each other and then they got separated and Uday started losing his mental balance. She then tells the incident of Uday’s childhood. Once he killed one pigeon and then was crying for the same. She (Mrs. Gomes) then understood that this guy needs a lot of care and feelings instead of getting scold. She then insist that Uday is a nice guys but the wrong thing was done by Vijay, his twin brother. This way the tale of Vijay started.

Uday, in the get-up of Vijay, was there with another women in the hotel room flirting with her. Her fate was pre-written as we know. On the other hand when Sam and Gopi tells the truth to Neena, she refused to believe Sam and Gopi. They then explained everything to her, including their meeting with Mr.s Gomez; the reason why she never met Vijay and more. She finally gets agree to support Sam. The police then advertise in the newspaper that Uday and Vijay are no two different persons, he is the same and declares prize on him.

Whether Sam and Gopi will be able to capture Uday before he commit another crime? What will Uday do when he read the advertisement in newspaper? How he will react to his wife? Will, she be in any danger? Well, you need to watch it to know it.

Karan Razdan is not as much convincing in the double role as expected. The tale is visited many times, the case of split personality was touched by Alfred Hitchcock too; in his famous film Psycho. Even the story of fr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is much famous. So some incidents are predictable. But nonetheless the acting of the lead actors and setup of story and its filming makes it interested. A must watch tale.

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