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Wrong Intentions – Story From PanchTantra TV Serial On DVD Views And Reviews

The next tale is about wrong intentions (“Neeyat Mein Khot”). Once upon a time, somewhere in India, there were two friends named DharmaBuddhi and PaapBuddhi were living. Both are having the qualities reflecting their names. DharmaBuddhi was all the way genuine fellow with all good qualities and PaapBuddhi was greedy, selfish and coward. In spite of having contrast persona both were good friends.

Once they have decided to leave their village and wander some foreign land in order to get more opportunities and more wealth. DharmaBuddhi always thought not to be the frog of the well. Where all his world is within the well as he haven’t explored anything outside in order to find better opportunities. On the way, they were stuck at the bank of very huge river, it was like a sea. Someone mysteriously hidden have stopped them. PaapBuddhi got fearful and decided to run away, but DharmaBuddhi have given him the courage and asked the mysterious entity it intentions. It is revealed that the entity was a Goddess and she was about to explore the good fortune of DharmaBuddhi. As PaapBuddhi nothing have to do the Goddess of wealth asked DharmaBuddhi to leave him and talk to her alone. Though DharmaBuddhi refused to let PaapBuddhi go. He requested the Goddess that they are best buddies, and he don’t mind sharing his good fortune with him.

Insisted by DharmaBuddhi’s request, the Goddess show him the path to earn the fortune. They both followed the path together and conquered the fortune. It is really a large amount of jewellery and money. Though DharmaBuddhi done some business by using the same and earn even more, PaapBuddhi, being even greedier and idle; always keep himself in front of the money always. DharmaBuddhi didn’t mind his effortlessness and not supporting him in the hard work. One day DharmaBuddhi, satisfied from the fortune earned so far, asked that they should now head back to their village. PaapBuddhi agree. DharmaBuddhi and PaapBuddhi thought the way back to home is dangerous. As the dacoits are there in the jungle. They could rob them and even kill them if found this much large amount of wealth with them. So they decided to get the wealth converted in to precious gems, which are very costly and very small in size. So it can be handful and can be hidden in their pocket. They does so.

One the way back where he stopped to drink some water, they found that a wealthy man was yesterday killed in the Jungle by dacoits, and all his fortune is robbed. PaapBuddhi got very fearful. Though DharmaBuddhi gave him an idea. They have dug deep under a tree and hid all the gems under it. By marking the same they left for home. On the way they encountered with the decoits, but as dacoits didn’t find anything with them, they are relived to go home. At the village PaapBuddhi started telling false stories of his bravery and hard work. Dharmabuddi didn’t mind those as well. One day they decided to go back to the jungle and get back their wealthy gems. When they went to the place they hid their valuables and dug it, there was nothing there. PaapBuddhi claimed that DharmaBuddhi stole the wealth and started fighting him to give him his part. Though we all know, that the fortune belongs to DharmaBuddhi all the way, as it was his luck and his hard work which earned the same. Still, he wanted to share it with his buddy PaapBuddhi, but how can he? as it is stolen.

They goes to the village panchayat for the justice. The judges visit the same place in the jungle with both the friends to know everything about the incident and got to the conclusion. What is the result? Well, you are recommended to view the episode in order to enjoy this tale of morality.

Both the fellows played as DharmaBuddhi and PaapBuddhi acted well. The special effects are not as eye catcher as we found these days. The background music adds to the positives. The supportive cast, the location and the make ups are all fine. Overall a watchable experience if you avoid the video quality.

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