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The Shopkeeper And His Weighting Scale – PanchTantra TV Serial On DVD Views And Reviews

The next tale in PanchTantra (PanchaTantra) is titled “Jaise Ko Taisa” (Tit For Tat). Once upon a time somewhere in India, there was a Shopkeeper (Baniya) living. Due to circumstance he have lost almost all his fortunes and left only with his scale (weighting balance) which is the only left over from his ancestors. It was made from silver and was very costly. He thought deeply and came to the conclusion that now as there are no more opportunities left for him in the village he must need to go to somewhere else to try his luck and earn fortune. He was in the dilemma to leave the weighting scale. He visits the sheriff of the village the next morning and asked him that he is willing to move out of the village to try his luck and he is having the only possession left as his weighting scale. Which he is interested in keeping as the safe deposit to the sheriff’s place and will claim it back once got some wealth and get back to the village. The sheriff got greedy to earn the costly scale with a small amount of money as the shopkeeper needs money, and asked him to sell the weighting scale in stead. Coz, in such case he will get more money and money is always needed when you are at the strange place, between strange people. But the shopkeeper refused to sell his weighting scale and insisted to land it as the safe deposit only to the sheriff. The sheriff, not seeing any other alternate agrees.

After a significant amount of time, one day when the sheriff was doing his business, his sone, who was gone to fishing, came running to him like barking dogs are following him and asked his father that he (the shopkeeper) is coming back. The sheriff asked him to calm down. He then tells him, in future you need to manage my business. How could you run it smoothly if you will get excited in some small things like this. Let the shopkeeper come, no one can get the things back from the sheriff once it is deposited with him. When the shopkeeper came, the sheriff welcomes him and try making him busy in the non-relative talks. The shopkeeper though keep demanding his deposit back frequently. At last, when there is no other options left with him, the sheriff goes inside the vault to bring the weighting scale. He came back bare-handed though. The shopkeeper doubt the intentions of the sheriff and asked about his weighting scale. The sheriff by making himself sad and concerned about the weighting scale of the shopkeeper explained that, he put the weighting scale at the perfect place. But somehow the rats seems eaten it, and hence it is not available.

The shopkeeper then understands the entire scandal. He then controlled his body language to not to reveal whatever he is thinking to the sheriff. He started behaving like nothing happened. He then befriends with the sheriff’s son and learn that he is fond of fishing. The shopkeeper gets back his home. He then decides to teach the sheriff a lesson and get his weighting scale back.

“How he executed his operation?” is something better to watch and enjoy. Apart from poor DVD quality (comparatively) there are no fall outs in the episode and it definitely falls in one of the must watch category.

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