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Udaan – The flight – Continues…

BrijMohan Singh and his family goes to live at the farm he inherited from her mother. The land was left isolated from any care since years. It was all unproductive now. But it is the only possession they have, and in addition, BrijMohan was associated with it emotionally always – because of his love for his mother. They setup a small hut there and Brijmohan started doing hard work in the farm to get it fertilized. They were living in very tight economic condition though, but their love and support for each other made them cheering up each moment of life and inspired them to push their efforts in hope of better life.

You do not need to have a lot of money to be happy, bet definitely some qualities within you and the support of your loved ones is the greatest asset helping you in living happily.

During their stay they got support for other farmers who have their farms in the neighborhood. Kalyani got to know there “There is no option of hard work” and “Life is like a wheel, if it goes down, then it will surely come up again“.

She also got to know the meaning of Warrant as “The order the police have which grants them permission to capture a bad man“. This definition plays a part again in their lives several years later. The father-daughter used to go to the city, Kalyani to study and BrijMohan to sell the milk and bring home the household elements; on the bicycle.

Kalyani was a bright student, Vivek was also growing up. Brijmohan and his wife’s efforts started showing the results. They head up to better life. BrijMohan decides to purchase a tractor on loan for which he goes to city. He told his family before leaving that he may need to stay there for the night.

In his absence Kalyani found Banwari – his uncle – BrijMohan’s younger brother came visiting BrijMohan’s farm with some of the people and did left without meeting her or her mother. Very late in the night a few people led by HarDayal Singh come to their farms, cut down the corps, threaten them to leave the home. He claimed that the landlord – BrijMohan’s father – have sold the farm to him. One of the other finest talents – Akhilendra Misha – (probably performing his debut role) lives the roll of HarDayal Singh.

As everything happened in absence of Brijmohan. Kalyani goes to Hariya and cry for help. Though till they both reach to the farm, the cyclone was gone. They found Vivek and his mother out of home with the luggage they have. It came to know that the corrupted police was also behaving in favor of the Goons. They prepared a false charge sheet against innocent BrijMohan and declared him as running from the law – a wanted.

Next morning when Brijmohan returns to the village, he was informed about the stuff. He tried to fight those who was trying to steal the valuable corps from his farms. The leader of goons – HarDayal Singh – come in front and inform BrijMohan that he have legally purchased the land from BrijMohan’s father. Police on the other hand instead of helping the victim – supported the anti-social elements. The police officer refused taking note of BrijMohan and his family’s complaints against the Goons. But they in stead took BrijMohan in their custody.

At police station BrijMohan learns that the police was corrupted and under influence of the local smuggler HarDayal Singh and other wealthy dark figures of the society,  and putting false charges against him. Later he gets the case of land’s ownership filed in the court.

The battle of the life continues… and so does this tale…

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