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Udaan : The flight Continues … | Hindi TV Serial on DVD views and reviews

It has been a little longer time lapse we discussed the journey of Kalyani Singh. So lets get more glimpses of the interesting and inspirational journey. Now as BrijMohan singh’s land is sold to a smuggler HarDayal Singh, by Thakur PitambarSingh (BrijMohan’s father) and Banvari (BrijMohan’s younger brother), and captured by the new owner. He have no place to live and work at. So they are shifted to the nearest city and started living in a very small home, where there is no privacy. Now BrijMohan have started working as a weaver at home. He started dealing in woolen clothes, especially mufflers. He does the hard work throughout to earn the living. Kalyani is now attending the college. Here enters Kavita Choudhary as Kalyani. Vivek is also grown up as a school boy.

As the next day is scheduled for two exams for the family members. The court have scheduled hearing of BrijMohan’s Land case tomorrow and Kalyani is participating a competition. We also found that in their clumsy neighborhood, where a couple with 5 daughters living. They seem to be orthodox in terms of girl education and women liberty. They raid BrijMohan’s home anytime and disturbs their privacy. Though BrijMohan still inspires Kalyani and takes her mock for the tomorrow’s speech.

On the next day, they both leave for their destinations on their bicycles. They departed from their usual see off point from where the road to the Court and Kalyani’s college separate.

Now there are two sequence rusn parallel, showing the progress in court for BrijMohan and the same for Kalyani at her college. Kalyani delivers an excellent speech and wins the first price. BrijMohan Singh is failed to prove his ownership of the land in court and his case is dismissed by the court with the statement that the land now is the property of HarDayal Singh.

Kalyani is rushing to her meeting place to convey her victory to her father expecting same for their land case as well. Though when they meet she found that her father have no trophy to show. At their home Janki (BrijMohan’s wife) gets emotionally torn out by hearing the result about their land case. She said after the battle of year, they are proven wrong, even by the court. See the body language of all the family member and got to know what a brilliant act it is. Kudos.

Though BrijMohan tells some really great things to calm them down and cheer them up. He said “This is not the end, end comes only when you accept that the matter ended. Otherwise, even death is also not an end.” Great philosophy. He then declares that, he will fight in the high court, for his land.

The acting of the lead characters is exceptional, only the actor who plays Banvari – his dialog delivery is not up to the mark. The quality of DVD video/audio is nice. The dialogs are simply superb. A must watch.

The battle of the life continues… and so does the tale, keep reading…

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