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Udaan – Hindi TV serial on DVD – Tale continues…

BrijMohan Singh come to know that his father fixed the engagement of Kalyani, who is still a child. He got to meet his father to resolve the matter. He requested his father to let Kalyani study. Though the discussion goes wrong and his father refuse to hear BrijMohan anymore.

He asked BrijMohan to either live as per his decisions or leave the home. BrijMohan decides to leave the home.During the discussion with his wife BrijMohan quotes a gem “There is no Self-Esteem if there is no Self-Dependency“. Very true.

Brijmohan also asked his Buaji to come with him if she wish, in stead of living a life with fear always. But she was feeling so insecure, in spite of her wish to go with him, she stay to live the life without dignity and self-esteem. May be the incidents happened her life made her so insecure and courage less to took bold decisions. When Kalyani was angrily discussing the possession of the dog they have, which she wanted to took with her and the supporters of the landlord wish it be at the home; her father told her that, definitely the Dog will be happier with them, but at home, it would be taken good care of.

Then she asked about a bird they have; “Where this bird would be happier then?”. Brijmohan’s answer was a gem of thoughts again “The bird could not be happy anywhere if it is in the cage. Only humans can live within it. Though today they will be free”. Genius.

This is the quality of thoughts always needed to be implanted in the child, if you wish the child should be a good citizen and more importantly a human in true meaning!

The scene was then showing Kalyani lets the bird free from the cage. And Brijmohan and his wife along with Kalyani and Vivek (the younger brother of Kalyani) leaving the palace like home of the landlord. One of the finest moments of the small screen. The bird and the family both takes off (having their UDAAN)…

The tale continues..

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