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The story of the weaver | PanchTantra | Views and Reviews

The princes woke up a little late then other fellow students on their first day to the ashram. The class begins with the story of a cloth weaver.

One upon a time there was a cloth weaver living somewhere. He was used to weave the cloth in order to earn for his livings. One day when he was working his weaving machine’s key component was broken. As the component was wooden, he decided to go to the jungle in order to cut some wood and bring it to home, to prepare the new component. In the jungle he chose a tree to cut and as soon as he tried to start cutting the some, a tree God came out of the tree and ask him to not to cut the tree, as it is his home. The weave explained him his situation and requested the tree God to start living in other tree, and let him cut this tree, as the wood of the same is the most suitable to his needs.

The tree God shows the weaver the solution. He asked him to get a boon from him, which in-turn fulfil all his needs and he need not to cut the tree. He then requested tree God to let him go to his home and ask her wife what to demand as boon. Otherwise, there will be dispute at his home later. The tree God agree. When the weaver asked her wife about the stuff and seek for her advice. She was not able to find a proper solution. And they both decided that actually the weaver should go to his friend Ram Ashre’s place and ask him for his advice.

The weaver woke up his friend Ram Ashre late night and explained him his dilemma and asked for the advice. The friend advised him to ask the tree God to make him the King. The weaver got happy with the suggestion the king have all the power and wealth one needed, though he then thought that a king have a lot of responsibility as well. What if some other king attack his kingdom and he have to fought a war? He might got killed during the battle. The weaver expressed his fears to his friend then his friend suggested that as the king, the weaver should choose Ram Ashre as his prime minister or commandant. And he will take care of the responsibilities for his friend.

The weaver found the solution viable and head back to home. He thought that wealth and power are lusty things. It may happen that later when Ram Ashre will be the commandant he may try to kill the weaver in order to make himself the king. He represented the thought to his wife. She told him that then it would be better for the weaver to ask for something else. What if he ask the tree God to bless him with two more hands and two more heads, this way he will be able do to look at many things, do more work and got more production. Their problems will be solved this way.

The weaver thought this as the best thing to ask for. Next day he went to jungle and asked for additional heads and hands to the tree God which he is blessed with. When head back to his way to home, when he stopped near a river to drink some water. People feared with this unusual character and start throwing stones and hitting them. He ran to save hi life but ended into a brutal death, which was seen by her wife from a hiding place.

The teacher then asks the students, what they learn from the story? The students were unable to answer and then the teacher told that, “the moral of the story is …..”. Well this is something we keep it to think about, for the readers. You may like to watch episode itself to see if your judgment was correct or not.


Of course the story is great, it conveys the message properly and successfully. The locations are proper, so with the background music. And most of the actors well acted. The dialogs are well written.

One the other hand, the special effects, based on the technology available those days and the budget of course, are look less effective. The additional heads on the weavers body are look childish. The other things you can complain about are the quality of the video. It is not smooth as expected. Might be the original footage is not that good in resolution when remastered digitally.

Final verdict: If moral and wisdom is what you are looking for this is the right choice. Get the kids view it once at least. You will not regret the decision, chances are there that you may want to watch it again on regular bases periodically.

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