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Love You… Mr. Kalakaar – Hindi Film Review

Yesterday I did get a chance to watch the movie “Love You…Mr. Kalakaar”, the latest present from Rajshri Films. Though it is not directed by Sooraj R. Barjatya; but all the movies from Rajshri have the touch which let you know that this belongs to the Rajshri production house. It is a simple tale, without anything larger then the life or filmy stuff. And most importantly you should not hesitate a moment, to watch it with your entire family. That is what Rajshri films is famous of.

It all starts with a morning in the life of a youth Sahil Rastogi. A nice, cute and a genuine human being, having all the qualities needed in a real human, Sahil is an artist and he want others to know him as the same. He is really good at cartoons. He runs on the shortage of money though. Both his parents are expired in an accident a few years ago, and now he lives with his only two major possessions, his home which he bought from some investment made and PF money by his late professor father and mother. All the corners of his home reflects his persona. He is having an appointment to Mr. Deewan’s company which deals in automobile parts. The chairman, founder and M.D. of the company is Mr. Deewan, of course. They are looking for a graphic designer to design a mascot for the company. Sahil meets Ritu there and they finalized the schedule of work. Later it is revealed that Ritu is Ritu Deewan, daughter of Mr. Deewan, who lives with her father and anty (father’s siter, bua), as she lost her mother when she was a kid, currently doing her management studies, and working as a management trainee at his father’s office.

Ritu likes the persona and qualities of Sahil. She moves ahead with him in the relationship. Though she didn’t reveal that she is the daughter of Mr. Deewan. Their friendship grew, and with every passing moments, she started liking Sahil more and more for his humanity and other qualities. When Sahil goes to submit the mascot design to the office, Ritu was absent there and he got to know her real identity. Heartbroken Sahil, tells the reality to Ritu and tells that their ways are apart from the point. Though Ritu believed in her love and Sahil’s ability and makes him and her father ready to meet. In the meeting Sahil tells everything true and Ritu’s father didn’t find him eligible for her daughter. He expressed his point of view and concerned about her daughter’s future. After much efforts from Ritu and her aunty he agrees meeting Sahil again.

He meets Sahil again and present a proposal. He appoints him as M.D. of his business for 3 months and asks him to show him making more profits then he is currently making with his company. Sahil accepts the challenge. There are lot of happens during the course. Ritu is sent to her maternal grandfather’s place to visit him. Where she meet her childhood friend, later she found it is planned by her father. Ritu’s nanaji believed in Sahil and his qualities without meeting him. In staff also there are people who try to defame inexperienced M.D. Sahil Rastogi. What happens at the end is predictable yet nice to watch.

The film is a clean movie, exploring the Indian tradition and qualties. Amrita Rao plays excellent as Ritu, her dance moves in the party songs are fantastic, Tusshar Kapoor is natural as Sahil. He performed very well, but I personally feel he could have shown better expressions in some scenes. Ram Kapoor plays well, Madhoo is looking gorgeous, her role is not so long though. Rajshri gives opportunities to some fine actresses from yesterday, like Neelam in Hum Saath Saath Hain, and now Madhoo here. Prem Chopra is natural in cameo. Ram Kapoor justifies his character. Kiran kumar is also playing a cameo here and he is natural as well. Seeing Yatin Karyekar after a gap is really great, he done well. The supportive cast also done their work properly.

Such love stories need excellent music, which is there in all the Rajshri movies, lack here. The song “Sarphira sa hai dil” leaves the impact, rest are below average. The background score is fine. The dance moves in the party song are really nice. Some incidents in the story could have been better.

The hero doesn’t go extra ordinary way to prove his abilities here, but rather as a human he have his own limitations. This is more realistic but may be the audience like some larger than the life abilities in hero. This is not the path breaking movie in anyway, but a simple honest attempt to bring real people, their real lives, their ethical and moral qualities on the celluloid.

Anyway, I must say, if you want to enjoy the vacation time with family, this is the nice choice. Just go for it.

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