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Reviews For Episode 8 Of Upanishad Ganga | Hindi TV Serial On DVD

Episode 8 of Upanishad Ganga explores the tale of Kach and Devayani. It is a story of determination, courage, dedication and love. But even more importantly it explores how noble a teacher should have to be! It spreads the message that “learning” is a birth-right for any genuine seeker (of the knowledge). So if the teacher found him/her worth the knowledge, he should not consider other aspects of the student.

TV Serial :
Upanishad Ganga
Producers : Chinmaya Mission
Director :
ChandraPrakash Dwivedi
Starring : Abhimanyu Singh, Vishwa Badola, Rushad Rana, Jaya Bhattacharya, Zakir Hussain, Mukesh Tiwari, Vrajesh Hirjee, Sai Deodhar, Purva Parag, Ravi Khanvilkar, K K Raina, Sandeep Mohan, Umang Gurjar, Rasika Duggal, Auroshikha Dey, Gagan Malik, Huma Qureshi, Faisal Rashid, Usha Rana, Gyanesh Pandey, Dev Khubnani, Amit Behl, and others…
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Hindu mythology explores the good and the evil with the God(s) (also known as Dev / Deva / Sur / Sura) and the Danava(s) (also known as Asur / Asura). It is interesting to note that none of them are pure white or black. Both are having the shades of the opposite, but the Devas have majority of positive things and Danavas have the opposite. And the clash between them is obvious. Both the side have their Gurus to whom they respect for their knowledge. Devas have Bruhaspati (aka Brihaspati) and Danavas have Shukracharya. They were not mere teachers but they are very advance level scientists, research scholars and spiritual leaders as well.

It was found that Shukrachraya made a remarkable discovery by finding the ingredients and the formula of Sanjeevani (a medicine which can be considered as elixir of life), which is capable of giving a new life of the dead one! This discovery made the Danavas unconquerable! As whoever was wounded or killed during the war with Deva, would be back to life again and ready to battle. This made Deva worry a lot. Their victory and influence was necessary to keep the dark forces at the bay, otherwise, the universe would be progressively taken over by them.

The only way to overpower Danavas (or even fight them at the same level) is the knowledge of the Sanjeevani medicine. But who can go to Shukracharya and learn it from him? And, will the Danavas let anyone reach to Shukrayachara, and let him learn it? Won’t they kill the candidate? Going to meet Shukracharya seems going to meet one’s own death. So, who (if anyone) is going to try that way?!

Well, none of the brave Devas was brave enough to do that! Ultimately Kach (aka Kacha), the son of Bruhaspati himself volunteered for the same!

He went to meet Shukracharya, able to convince him and get the knowledge of the Sanjeevani medicine.

But, his journey was not smooth enough. He was attempted to get killed successfully by Danavas for several times and every time Shukracharya made him alive. But then Danavas played a game. They knew that Shukracharya need the remainings of Kacha to make him alive. They killed Kacha, and mix his remaining dissolved into the drink of Shukracharya and make him drink it, unknowingly!

Now how can Shukracharya make him alive? Because to make him alive, he have to kill himself? So will Kacha ever got back his life? Who is Devayani? How she is associated with Kahca and Shukracharya? Does she have any further influence in any other sagas or history of India? That all can be explored from the story of Kacha and Devayani found in ancient Indian literature.

This episode tries to take a glimpse of the the story of Kach, Devayani, Bruhaspati, Shukracharya, Devas and Danavas.

It is not possible to cover the entire story and its after effects in all details in a single episode, and hence the makers didn’t try to explore everything. They rather keep their focus on the summary of the tale.

The content is good and so does the dialogs. The dialogs are simply superb. There are several conversation which are worth all your attention. The wardrobe and the sets are well worked and look authentic. If the actor playing Kach acted more convincingly, the effect of the episode could have been much better. The background music is really good and adding positive effects to the episode. The fantastic DVD quality is another positive aspect of the TV serial.

Our personal verdict: You can surely go for it. It is worth time and money you spend for it.

It is worth to note that this episode is available to watch for Free on YouTube:

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