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Recently released Singham Returns prove again that Rohit Shetty knows what people will like to watch! The movie have everything which was there in Singham. Its high-octane action scenes are made for the commercial movie lovers and they work for them for sure. Love story is there in the movie, but if it wasn’t there, it won’t make any difference!

Movie : Singham Returns
Director :
Rohit Shetty
Produced by : Reliance Entertainment, Ajay Devgan, Rohit Shetty
Screenplay By :
Written by :
Story by :
Music By : Songs:
Jeet Ganguli, Meet Bros Anjjan, Ankit Tiwari
Editor : Steven Bernard
Cinematography :
Production Company : Ajay Devgn Films, Rohit Shetty Productions
Distributed by : Reliance Entertainment
Released On :
Starring : Ajay Devgan (D.C.P. Bajirao Singham), Kareena Kapoor Khan (Avni), Amol Gupte (Satyaraj Chandra a.k.a Baba), Anupam Kher (Gurukant “Guruji” Acharya), Dayanand Shetty (Inspector Daya), Zakir Hussain (Prakash Rao), Mahesh Manjrekar (Chief Minister Vikram Adhikari), Vineet Sharma (Inspector Phadnis), Sameer Dharmadhikari (Kishore), Sharat Saxena (Police Commissioner Rathore), Ashwini Kalsekar (Meera Shorri), Govind Namdev (Manikrao Singham), Pankaj Tripathi (Altaf), and others…

The common man is surrounded by a lot of problems in real life and he is definitely not happy with it. He need a place to vent for his anger. And when he see the film hero is challenging the corrupt system, doing his duty as expected, and especially see the triumph of the truth at the end, he loves that fantasy. This is the main reason of the commercial success of the film.

We often found critics mentioning that so and so film is no-brainier and there is nothing realistic in the film. Why people go and watch it?! Well, everyone knows that one cannot fight a group of goons single handed; or it is not possible to jump from multi-story building without getting injured! Even school-children know that. But the ideal fantasy world shown there (that’s why the film makers were called dream merchants, remember!) is what people love.

Anyway, let us talk about this movie itself.

There are no direct links between the original Tamil film Singam part 2 – and this film. Actually it would be better to say, that after creating Singham in Hindi from the Tamil film of the same name (with many changes as per need of the target audience), film maker Rohit Shetty have created a new franchisee and now it moves ahead independently. Though if you have watched the Suriya starrer Singam 2, you can find some similarities as the protagonist is promoted in both the films. Even the protagonist goes undercover by pretending that he left the job in both the films. But then both the films have their own canvas.

The movie starts with a thoughtful scene where an aged policeman is getting bullied by a group of teenagers. Not only the realistic representation of such situation, but the way it is tackled by now promoted as DCP, Bajirao Singham, makes it really interesting. A lot of policemen (who actually felt similar situations in his real life) will be able to attached with it emotionally for sure. There are very few films where real problems the policemen face are shown realistically. The dialogs in these scenes are effective too.

Ditto, we will be mesmerized the way the problems of a dead-policeman’s family are represented on screen. When you see that the widow of the policeman who was honest and hardworking, participant of several deadly missions and even got injured once, was living in such poor situation after his death. When you see her asking that she is ready to be a maidservant in order to pay for school fees of the child, and getting livelihood, you will surely get emotional. And, these are some of the real problems.

The mystery around the death of a policeman from Bajirao’s team, and the discovery of his dead body in an ambulance belong to an Ashram, filled with crores of rupees, developed thoughtfully in the film. There are scenes like Bajirao visiting the godman’s Ashram and challenge him, Avni and others slapping the minister in public and Bajirao not arresting them by showing genuine lawful reasons; are very effective on screen. But, we don’t think that any IPS officer do such things actually.

The love track between Avni and Bajirao slows down the pace at place. It doesn’t make any difference to the film even if the track was not there. The background music is good. For songs, one of them is good others are not much interesting.

It is Amol Gupte who is the scene stiller. He show a wide range of acting and he is very convincing. And this is not the first time he is playing a baddie. And believe it, he makes thoughtful and emotional kids movies! Anupam Kher is underplaying his character after a long time, and we see the flair of his acting here. He is simply nice. Mahesh Manjrekar is another multi-talented fellow who is given the roles of his caliber. He underplays the politician effectively here. Zakir Hussain doesn’t get much footage, he is convincing in the small role.

Ajay Devan slips into the title character easily and effectively. He has and does everything to look realistic and the perfect choice of the role of Bajirao Singham. Kareena is good in several scenes but looks filmy in a few scenes as well. Though we see her enjoying the role she is playing for sure. The supportive cast does their work honestly.

The cinematography is excellent. There are many areal shots and the sea-link bridge is shown at many places in the film effectively. The action scenes are the major part of the film and they are high-octane and unrealistic at places.

Here is the summarized story of the film:
Now promoted as DCP, Bajirao Singham got his posting in Mumbai. He works in the same style he was working though. One day, one policeman of his team got missing! He was found dead inside an ambulance full with cash! The ambulance belongs to the Ashram of a god man known as Baba. Now this Baba, is a villainous character who is doing almost everything wrong. He have associations with some influencing politicians who love dirty politics.

Guruji is a politician who really wants to do something for the public and want to change the corrupt system. Current Chief Minister is his former student and a good man as well. Guruji start inclusion of fresh, young, non-corrupt candidates in his party for the coming elections for his mission. And as he wanted to change the system, there are people like Rao, Baba and others who want to get rid of him.

And, one day, they succeed killing Guruji in an attack on his convoy, lead by Singham.

Respecting Guruji like his father, Singham decided to take the matter personally to get to the root of the same. The rest of the film is about his journey in finding the truth, connecting the dots and facing the challenges coming his way.

So, if the commercial movies are your cup of tea and you enjoy movies like Singham, Kick, Dhoom and others, you will enjoy watching Singham Returns too.

Here is one interesting article about the love stories in this film. It is a different matter that we agree or disagree with it, but it is interesting.

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