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Episode 5 – TenaliRama Hindi TV Serial | Wit And Wisdom Tales | DVD Reviews

Episode #5 of Hindi TV Serial Tenali Rama takes the story forward from where it is paused at Episode #4. However it is an independent incident on its own, and can be watched without any continuity problem, even if you didn’t watch earlier episodes of this serial.

TV Serial :
Tenali Rama
Producer : T. S. Narasimhan
Director : T. S. Nagabharana
Based On : Short stories by
Screenplay :
Script :
Dialogs :
Editor : Suresh Urs
Music : L. Vydyanathan
Camera : Mallikarjuna
Starring : Master Kartik, Nagini Bharana, Shreepathi Ballal, Kishori Ballal, and others…
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Greed is a very bad thing, and this episode is intended to convey it. Though we find it a little unconvincing (in terms of writing and presentation).

It was drought time for the kingdom and getting water got tougher those days. Even the deep wells were unable to provide it! People started hiring experts to do hard work to make their wells even deeper and clean them up, in the hope to get water. Rama was no exception as he also have the same requirements.

They call a very hardworking labor known as Nanga who was expert in deepening wells. They have had a conversation but Rama found Nanga’s charges are pretty high. Though, he didn’t want to lower his rate, he didn’t try cheating Rama in anyway. He offered him to either hire him for this rate or higher someone else, as the work requires a lot of hard work, and Nanga have to take care of his large family too.

Rama had no way left but to accept Nanga’s proposal. Nanga started working on, as per his deal. Rama, who was not very happy due to this raw about the labor rate Nanga charging him, have started to oversee him. When working, Nanga found a vessel full of jewellery from the well, buried deep under the Earth. He decided to not to tell about it to anyone and take it to his home in dark night.

Rama somehow got to know about it! Will he be able to claim the wealth found from his well? What will he do now?

The episode have a couple of really good performances, both Vijay Kashyap and the actor playing Nanga are fantastic. They have needed persona and acting skills which suit their roles. Anang Desai looks quite thin, but he have the acting ability and is the third nice actor who is convincing in this episode.

The background music is good. The wardrobe is convincing. Some sets are realistic. Some scenes are filmed with really nice camera angles, especially the scenes in and around the well.

As said earlier, the episode is focused on a good message which talk about moral and ethics. But the makers are unable to make you feel that what Rama did was perfectly right. If the writing was a little bit more thoughtful, the effect of the episode could have been really better.

But, we always believe that the content is the king and the treatment comes secondary. With these thoughts, we consider this episode as a good watch, especially for kids.

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