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Explore the strengh within, to Fly – Udaan.

Way back in 1990s and you will surely encounter the memories of Udaan TV serial which was aired on DoorDarshan, if you were watching TV during those days. This Hindi TV serial which was written and directed by Kavita Choudhary was loved by the viewers. It  was about jonurney of a girl from a small village with a male dominating environment to become a lady IPS officer. On first impression I thought that the story belonged to the first lady IPS officer of India, Kiran Bedi (now Dr. Kiran Bedi) like lot of other people who thought so, those days. But according to this link http://www.rediff.com/news/2006/apr/25inter.htm – it was based on Kanchan Chaudhary Bhattacharya (Real sister of Kavita Choudhary). Anyway, the story was so fascinating, so real, so emotional and it captured the incidents happening with real people living real lives. Kudos to Kavita Choudhary for making the TV serial.

Education and awareness have changed a lot of people’s mind sets and their ways of thinking. But still, there are places where women are considered as the second gender. Surely the ratio of people believing such was much more those days.

It all starts with celebration of a social event going on. Later it is known that it was the naming ceremony for  the new born grandson to a landlord. All the relatives and family members were enjoying the ceremony but one girl who happened to be the elder sister of the newborn baby boy found herself alone with her thoughts. She was then accompanied by an elder relative – a lady who was her grandfather’s sister, known as Buaji in the family and she spent some time with the girl in order to cheer her up. A kid’s mind is very volatile, the ceremony of naming the new born baby gave all the attention to him, because he happens to be  a boy; created emotional loneliness in the girl’s mind, as she never have had naming ceremony. At the end of the day when her father came back to home he was happy as she shared a great bond of love with both her parents. Her mother who was genuine and loving the girl a lot, found that the girl is feeling insecure about her place in the heart of her parents. She discusses this to her husband, BrijMohan Singh, who was indeed a very caring father, who sees no gender differences, and very kind by heart.

Next morning BrijMohan Singh have asked the girl, that she is so lovely and so blissful that when she was very young, he need not to think to arrange a naming ceremony but convincingly given her the name “Kalyani” (The blissful). The girl was chear up with joys. She then left for the school. So this is the story of Kalyani and her journey, facing and conquering hurdles on her way to fly.

The girl who played the role of Kalyani did a terrific job, I must say. So innocent, so convincing, so lovely and acted great. Ditto for Vikram Gokhle in the Role of Brijmohan Singh and her wife played by Uttara Baokar. The direction, the weaving of the incidents in the story are all real and convincing. Great job, I must say, by the entire team of key persons on and off screen.

The tale continues…

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