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Tiger by The Tale | Episode 5 of Baahubali: The Lost Legends Animation Series | Views and Reviews

Baahubali – The Lost Legends is getting popularity day by day due to various reasons. The main is, of course, a curiosity of the viewers to know more about the fantasy world of Baahubali.

Are we creating a franchise like Harry Potter or similar through Baahubali?!

Well, it might be superlative to say, but when there are millions of people getting so excited for a tale, it is definitely on the verge to become a legend.

S. S. Rajamouli knows that the commercial success should be encashed when the time is right. Probably this is the right time when people are not getting enough of Baahubali and they are more and more curious to explore the saga.

Adding to the movie franchise, Anand Neelakantan, one of the popular authors of India, was invited to imagine and pen down the fantasy tale of Baahubali which is not explored on the screen. His book – The Rise of Sivagami: Book 1 of Baahubali – Before the Beginning – got commercial success and despite being dark at the content it was loved by the majority of readers.

Adding to the list is an animation TV Series named Baahubali: The Lost Legends.

Amazon got an exclusive tie-up with S. S. Rajamouli and team to stream this TV Serial directly on Amazon India (via it’s venture primevideo.com). If you want to watch it, you need to become Amazon Prime member. A good thing about it is, it is absolutely free to register for an Amazon Prime Membership for the first month. If you are satisfied at the end of the month, you can pay the yearly subscription fees to continue, or otherwise, you may discontinue prime membership.

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TV Serial : Baahubali – The Lost Legends
Season : Season 1
19 Apr, 2017
Episode # : 5
Episode Title : Tiger By The Tail
Originally published : 09 Jun, 2017
Animation Directors : Deepak S. Jadhav, Ashwin Pande
Creative Director : Sanajeev Tamang
Based on : Bahubali, created by
Executive Producers : S. S. Rajamouli, Sharad Devrajan, Shobu Yarlagadda, Prasad Devineni, Jeevan J. Kang, Narendra Deshpande, Ashwin Pande
Co-Producer : Arun Roshan Jacob
Story by : , , ,
Screenplay :
Original Music created by : Kaala Bhairava
Production companies: : Graphic India, Arka Mediaworks
Voice Artists : Viraj Adhav (Baahubali), Manoj Pandey (Bhallaladeva), Deepak Sinha (Bijjaladeva), Manini Mishtra (Sivagami), Samay Thakkar (Katappa), Priyanka (Sandhya), Anamay (Librarian), Vinod Kulkarni (Pradhan Guru), Rajesh Shukla, Aditya Raj., Warren D’Souza, Ghanshyam, Anshul Chandra, Aditya Raj Sharma, Dolly, Sumit Kaul, and others…

Let us explore Episode #5 of Baahubali: The Lost Legends, which is titled as Tiger By The Tail.

The plot:

We see that Sivagami Devi has decided to train both the princes, Baahubali and Bhallaladeva in the skills required for a to be ruler.

Naturally, extreme fighting skills are part of the training program, but, that is not all. There are many other skills they need to master. And she finds Pradhan Guru as the only suitable teacher who can train both the princes at the extreme level.

While the princes were getting trained at Pradhan Guru’s training center; they got to learn some ultimate truth of war skills and life.

The first lesson they learn is, the warrior’s body itself is the most powerful weapon. The warrior’s skills, weapons, foresight, strategic planning etc. are simply aides to that.

Well, not everyone agrees with it. Especially Katappa, who is very fond of the sword he possesses. It is the best sword according to him. And, it is made with some special material which is known to the specialists of Mahishmati only. It is Katappa’s strong belief that there is no other weapon or warrior who can overpower that sword!

Well, his heart was broken when he was challenged by Pradhan Guru in a duel (which he initially refused); and during that dual, Pradhan Guru was able to break Katappa’s sword into pieces simply with his bare hands!

Katappa’s pride was hurt. He thought that he doesn’t know enough about Pradhan Guru, and there certainly are some unknown facts about him. He decided to uncover them.

On the other hand, while Sivagami devi was talking about the strategy to solve the problem of the thieves who relentlessly attacking and looting Mahishmati caravans, they found a few carts from the recently sent caravan came with injured fellows. They got to know that many people were injured and some met with their deaths due to attack of a devil on their caravan!

While Baahubali, Bhallaladeva and Sivagami Devi was firm on their belief that there is no such thing as a devil exists, and it could be a wild beast who had attack the caravan. But, to give solace to the citizens, it is decided that Bhallaladeva and Baahubali themselves (along with very small team) go to the Jungle and find the evil force and bring back it’s dead-body for the citizens of Mahishmati.

What is there in the jungle? Will Baahubali find a new friend in the jungle or will he met with a foe? Will his life be in danger? Is it a trap by someone known to him?

So many questions and all of them are better answered while watching this episode.

Views And Reviews:

The content of this episode is quite interesting. The story/screenplay writers get full point for the same. The emotional twist at the end is something not to be missed.

It seems Katappa is going to start a quest to know more about Pradhan Guru. It will also lead to interesting incidents and story-line. So in that way, this episode sets root for some interesting stuff to expect in future episodes.

The dialogs of Pradhan Guru are worth to listen carefully. The script writer also gave some nice moments to Baahubali (where he goes to speak to the widow of the dead citizen for the first time for consoling her and second time for… well let us keep that suspense as is).

Bhallaladeva’s character also got some character defining dialogs. Ravi’s character is written interestingly.

In short, we can say that, in terms of writing and events setup, the episode gets distinction.

The background music plays a vital role in creating impact of scenes, especially in animation series. The background music here is really convincing and mood setting. The audio quality is quite satisfactory and you can surely enjoy it watching in stereo mode or even in surround sound system.

The real heroes of animation series are the voice over artists. Each and every one of them (mentioned above in the information box) played their roles convincingly. The represented the emotions, love, anger, sadness, concerns and all other attributes quite easily.

While the animators did remarkable efforts in sketching of the characters, their movements are not convincing at all. Also, in this episode, we found a slight change in the representation of some of the characters, including Sivagami. It seems that the TV serial is made by keeping very young adults in mind, as the target audience, but then also, the better animation quality is expected. You can observe the characters when they are walking or fighting, and you will be disappointed definitely.


Overall, an episode which is good at content and voice over acting, but lacks quality in animation.

Those who love Baahubali movies and like to explore the fantasy tale of Baahubali and other supporting characters will enjoy it without a doubt.

You may like to wait for a couple of more episode to get released before trying free prime membership of Amazon India.

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