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Beast In The Dark | Episode 6 of Baahubali: The Lost Legends (Season 3) Animation Series | Personal Review

Summer holidays are here and it is really a good time for children. By staying at home they can beat the summer heat, or they can join some extra-curricular activities which help them develop their skills in many other aspects. It even helps them find the things they love to do and who knows, it can help them in choosing their respective careers also.

Watching a message conveying yet entertaining TeleVision serial is a good option as well. Of course, we cannot and should not allow the kids to sit in front of the TeleVision throughout the day, but for a rational time during the day, it is actually a good option.

While there are literally hundreds of channels aired these days and a large number of them are giving entertainment 24×7; the content and the quality can be debatable. Choosing the right kind of TV Serial which you can allow a kid to watch, is a tough task.

Considering the same aspects, with a vision to help our readers choosing a TV Serial to go for, we provide our unbiased and uninfluenced reviews for various TV Serials which we got a chance to view and found it worth sharing our thoughts about.

Let us continue our quest to explore the episodes from Baahubali: The Lost Legends (Season 3), a multi-lingual TV series. Though it is available in 4 languages I watched it in Hindi and thus the review is for the same only.

TV Serial : Baahubali – The Lost Legends
Season : Season 3
28 April, 2018
Episode # : 6
Episode Title : Beast In The Dark
Originally published : 28 April, 2018
Animation Directors : Deepak S. Jadhav, Ashwin Pande
Creative Director : Sanajeev Tamang
Based on : Bahubali, created by
Executive Producers : S. S. Rajamouli, Sharad Devrajan, Shobu Yarlagadda, Prasad Devineni, Jeevan J. Kang, Narendra Deshpande, Ashwin Pande
Co-Producer : Arun Roshan Jacob
Story by : , , ,
Screenplay :
Original Music created by : Kaala Bhairava
Production companies: : Graphic India, Arka Mediaworks
Voice Artists : Viraj Adhav (Baahubali), Manoj Pandey (Bhallaladeva), Ghanshyam (Bheriya), Asif Ali Baig (Varaha Pradhan), Mukesh, Aditya Shamra, and others…

We have already shared our unbiased views and reviews for the first 5 episodes of Season 3 (and all the episodes of season 1 and season 2 respectively); here are the quick links to the same:

Today, let us talk about the 6th episode of the same which is titled as Beast In The Dark.

Let me start with a disclaimer that I will try to keep all the spoilers at the bay, but some of them are inevitable, so please read with that consent.

Book Plot:

There are two parallel tracks going on. One of them explores Baahubali and Bhallaladeva’s journey to find the roots of Dharmaraj and the other one explores the situations at Mahishmati.

It proves that Dharmaraj is quite arrogant and vulnerable. Prince Varah is already there in Mahishmati in order to pay the visit to the new king and deceive him. The big question is: Will the things will go out of hands or Sivagami and Katappa will be able to control the situations somehow?

The situation in the jungle is also not well. Bhallaladeva’s arrogance and shortsightedness, especially his vision of considering him superior and above all the rules, put him in the danger. And, Baahubali is also involved in tricky situations.

The leader of the jungle tribe has no complaints against Baahubali and is happy with his genuine approach, but, is very angry at Bhalla. Baahubali, on the other side, doesn’t only show composed nature to handle the situations with a cool approach, he also remained firm on his stand that he will never leave the side of his brother and will do everything he can to save him.

During the conversation with the leader of the tribe, he tried to explain the real “way of living” of the people from Mahishmati and tried to prove that all the princes are not arrogant and insensitive as the leader believes.

Will he be able to save Bhalla? What is inside the deep caves of the jungle? Will there be any shocking turn of incidents which give a twist to the tale?

Views And Reviews:

I, and all our team members at ThinkerViews believe that for any media, the content is the king. Of course, the representation of the same makes a mammoth difference, but, if the content is not good, rest of the things often fall flat.

The series of incidents explored in this episode are the part of the main story. But, at the same time, the episode is complete in itself in many aspects.

The conversation between Baahubali and the tribe leader is something not to be missed. The dialogs here are well written. They are simple yet effective. This conversation re-affirms the nature of both the princes of Mahishmati, Baahubali and Bhallaladeva.

Might is not the only thing a leader requires to have, wisdom is even more important.

And, that is very true for the incidents involving Dharmaraj as well. The way, he didn’t want to listen to the advice of Sivagami and want to go ahead with a plan he came up with (or rather we say brilliantly infused into his mind by Varah); proves that he is very powerful, but lack the abilities a king require.

The scenes of the jungle are explored nicely. The incident exploring the generosity of Baahubali is impressive as well.

Arka Mediaworks and Graphic India worked on the animation which is good at places. In fact, if you compare it will Chhota Bhim, Doremon and other such TV Serials, you have very less to complain about. But, Baahubali, the name itself is a symbol of visual splendor and fantastic visual effects. The bar of the expectations in the audience is raised so much by both the movies in the series, that anything in the series will be compared with them. And, the special effects, etc. are quite tamed in comparison. The way the character walks and does physical activities doesn’t look convincing at all.

By spending more time and efforts (of course, it requires a large sum of money as well) the TV Serial could have been made much better to satisfy audience expectations in those aspects.

However, we must understand that the canvas of this TV Serial and that of the movie are quite different and so does the target audience. The makers mainly consider kids and young adults as the target audience, and probably they don’t have much to complain about.

The background music is one of the most important parts of any media. And, for animated media, the role of the same becomes even more important. As there is a limited scope of showing things convincingly through the characters and surroundings, the background music plays a lead role in setting up the mood of the scene. The background music in this episode is quite convincing and goes in sync with the story it unfolds.

The real heroes of animated TV Series are animators who tried hard doing their work based on the scope of the task given to them and we have nothing to complain here.

The highest (or lowest) impact can be made by the voice-over artists, and in that sense, they are the most important contributors. In an animated Tv Series, you can show limited expressions and/or gestures. As there are no human beings acting, the characters drawn on the canvas are quite lifeless. It is the job of the voiceover artists to make them alive. All of the 5 or 6 voice over actors who worked in this episode does their job with honesty. They are able to deliver the performances so nicely that if you are just listening to the episode, you will feel that real actors are working in the scenes. The way they deliver their dialogs and sets the mood of the scenes, is simply superb.


There is a scope of large improvements in the animation quality and if you are going to compare it with both the movies in Baahubali series, you will be disappointed. But, considering the target audience and scope of the TV series, it delivers whatever is expected from it. And, in terms of content, they convey some realistic and important life-lessons. So, I consider them worth watching for sure.

Over To You:

Have you got a chance to watch Baahubali – The Lost Legends? Are you planning to watch it? Are you an Amazon Prime member? Do you want to see this animation TV Series on DVD? Feel free to share you thoughts with us. We always love to read your genuine remarks. And yes, do not forget to share this article with your friends over various social networks via Twitter, Facebook and others. And yes, you may like to subscribe to our RSS feeds and follow us on various Social networks to get latest updates for the site to land right in your mail box.

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