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The Wild Hunt | Episode 5 of Baahubali: The Lost Legends (Season 3) Animation Series

It has been a while since we’ve last talked about Baahubali: The Lost Legends, an animated TV Series continuing the popular tale of Baahubali. As both the movies in the series met with phenomenal success it is obvious to conclude that the audience loved it and is curious to explore the fictional tale even more.

This fact led the makers to think of any other possible media to use in exploring the tale. On one hand the famous author Anand Neelakantan is invited to explore the tale from his perspective and we got a book named The Rise Of Sivagami: Before The Beginning; and on the other (hand) S. S. Rajamauli along with Arka Mediaworks came up with a multilingual animated TV Series – Baahubali: The Lost Legends. Even a large number of merchandise with the Baahubali theme are also sold and being sold in the market.

We’ve shared our unbiased views and reviews for all the episodes of Season 1 and Season 2 of Baahubali: The Lost Legends, and even started sharing the same for season 3. Here are quick links to our unbiased views for the first 4 episodes is Season 3.

Let us continue reviewing the series from where we’ve stopped, i.e. from episode number 5, which is titled as The Wild Hunt.

TV Serial : Baahubali – The Lost Legends
Season : Season 3
28 April, 2018
Episode # : 5
Episode Title : The Wild Hunt
Originally published : 28 April, 2018
Animation Directors : Deepak S. Jadhav, Ashwin Pande
Creative Director : Sanajeev Tamang
Based on : Bahubali, created by
Executive Producers : S. S. Rajamouli, Sharad Devrajan, Shobu Yarlagadda, Prasad Devineni, Jeevan J. Kang, Narendra Deshpande, Ashwin Pande
Co-Producer : Arun Roshan Jacob
Story by : , , ,
Screenplay :
Original Music created by : Kaala Bhairava
Production companies: : Graphic India, Arka Mediaworks
Voice Artists : Viraj Adhav (Baahubali), Manoj Pandey (Bhallaladeva), Ghanshyam (Bheriya), Asif Ali Baig (Varaha Pradhan), Mukesh, Aditya Shamra, and others…

Let us take a bird’s eye view to the content of the episode.

This Is Here In For You

Book Plot:

The story moves forward from the point it was stopped at. Baahubali and Bhallaladeva were en-route to their destination. One one hand they were worried about the situation at Mahishmati and on the other, they couldn’t have figured out their destination yet.

It was beginning of the night and both Baahu and Bhalla were taking their dinner. While Baahubali was enjoying the very simple dinner, Bhalla was very furious. Bhalla was missing the sweats and meat he used to eat at the palace and was no more wanted to eat the simple food which he found tasteless. Baahu, on the other hand, insists him to enjoy whatever he got from the villagers and showing gratitude to them. Baahu tried to calm Bhalla and tried to convince him that this is what the poor villagers could arrange for them. And also promised him to accompany him to the best food joint they will found, once out of this Jungle.

Nature brings out the true nature of a person.

In the wild night, Bhalla heard the voices of a dear. Bhalla was very restless to follow the trail and hunt the deer. Baahu has warned him strictly for not doing so.

Eventually, they both got asleep. While Baahu was still sleeping, Bhalla found a dear roaming fearlessly in the area nearby. It seems it was a routine night-out for the dear. Bhalla was getting restless and wake up to hunt it down!

Will Bhalla shoot his arrows to the dear? Will he be able to kill it? What consequences will his actions bring to them? Well, you need to watch the episode to know more.

Views and Reviews:

Thinking about Baahubali and you will think about a visual splendour. The movies in the series raised the expectations of the viewers so much that something below average will disappoint them. In that sense, you will find the animation quality is not matching the expectations of the viewers. Actually, the TV Series is made for kids and young adults and thus the animation is of the same quality that you see in TV series like Doremon, Chhota Bheem etc. The makers could have gone for 3D characters to make it more appealing.

The writing is the main factor for any TV Series or a Movie. The script is written thoughtfully. The TV series tries to convey a message with each episode and that is very important. The viewers will learn a lesson from each episode and it will help them in being better citizens if they understood and implement the same.

One needs to follow the advice given with genuine intentions, especially when it is for one’s good. Not following rules have their own consequences. No matter how brave warrior you are. There is no need to summon trouble without any reasons. And, yes, be grateful to what you have. You are not the center of the world. You need to adapt to the situations and circumstances in the best way you can. What is right, is right; and what is wrong, is wrong; no matter who does it.

The educated people living in the so-called modern society; are often considered as wise citizens. Are they, really? And, the tribal people living in the jungle are more often considered as less civilized ones. But are they, really?

This episode brings in so many questions and makes the viewer think about it logically. Definitely, one of the best episodes of the season, when it comes to writing.

The dialogs are nicely written. They are packed with punches and oneliners.

While the animation quality could have been better, some scenes are nicely elaborated.

For animated TV Series, the background music and voice over are really important factors. The background music is completely in sync and it sets up the mood for the respective scenes very effectively. The voice-over artists have done a remarkable job. It is not easy to voice over for animated characters. While the sketches can convey a few emotions, it is the artist’s job to bring those emotions in the screen, through their voices. Each one of them did a really remarkable job.

The story ends at a point where you will be curious to explore the next episode. And, I consider that as a success of the makers.


Overall, a nice episode which conveys some really important messages. The animation quality requires a lot of enhancements, but the content will not disappoint you. Definitely, worth watching.

Over To You:

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