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Episode 3 – TenaliRama Hindi TV Serial | Wit And Wisdom Tales | DVD Reviews

Episode #3 of Hindi TV Serial Tenali Rama takes the story forward from where it is paused at Episode #2. We are introduced to adult RamaKrishna in this episode who is married to beautiful Sita and lives happily in his village Tenali with his mother.

TV Serial :
Tenali Rama
Producer : T. S. Narasimhan
Director : T. S. Nagabharana
Based On : Short stories by
Screenplay :
Script :
Dialogs :
Editor : Suresh Urs
Music : L. Vydyanathan
Camera : Mallikarjuna
Starring : Master Kartik, Nagini Bharana, Shreepathi Ballal, Kishori Ballal, and others…
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He is witty and wise as we know, but the most important quality is, his helpful nature.

One incident explored in this episode explores the fact that one needs to be careful even when uttering the pure truth!!! i.e.Speak the truth in a way that it doesn’t hurt the listener. We often found that a lot of people who always speak the truth are often consider foul-mouth. No, there is nothing wrong in speaking the truth. In fact, one always need to speak the truth. But one need to re-phrase his words in a way that it sounds sweet. As a matter of fact, none of us like to hear something bitter, no matter if it is right or wrong. So, the presentation is important.

This fact is explored nicely via the incident of an astrologer and a wealthy man. How the astrologer, despite of speaking the truth, treated in ill manner; and how Rama show him the way to tell the same facts in rather different way; is nicely filmed. Vijay Kashyap plays the role of adult Rama. He is convincing. Though the “mysteriously happy” expressions on his face, doesn’t look very convincing through out. But, he acts well. The actor playing the wealthy man needs to work a little more on his dialog delivery at a few places, he is good otherwise. Same we can say for the actor playing the astrologer.

Happy with this suggestion and earning through it, the astrologer praises Rama and asks him that why he is wasting his life in such a small village? He should actually go to the king’s court and do better and bigger works there. Rama’s mother affirms it and ask Rama to head to the brighter and better future. The dialogs in this scene are first rate. A mother’s feelings towards her son, is explored nicely through the words. The way she genuinely guide him to the better future and show her concern to her daughter-in-law; is a representation of typical Indian mother, who always think about her child prior than anything else in the world. Such mothers are responsible for a great society, indeed.The actress playing Rama’s mother is the top performer in this episode. The actress playing his wife is convincing too.

The background music of the TV serial is first rate, though the title song doesn’t appeal me. The sets are not larger than the life, but most of them are realistic (and even real locations as well). The scene where we see that the guards at the door of the palace are behaving like the ultimate authority is very realistic. We see such things even in the modern world also. The doorkeepers or peons needs to be bribed even to meet the authorities at various places. The actors here are not convincing and neither their body language suits their roles. The actor playing the RajGuru is also very unconvincing.

Rama however finds his way to enter. He meet the king and even impress him. When king offered him prize money he strangely demands something which shock the king. Ultimately, it was found a very witty way to expose the bribery and misuse of powers by the authorities, in front of the king. The incident is very similar to the where Birbal enters into Akbar’s court for the first time; as shown in Hindi TV Serial Akbar Birbal, Episode #2.

Overall an episode with good content, good dialogs and good message. It has downsides like poor acting and poor execution at some scenes as well. But, it is hard to find “genuine at content” TV Serials, which are meaningful and “Tenali Rama” is definitely one such serial, and hence one should go for it.

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