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Episode 4 – TenaliRama Hindi TV Serial | Wit And Wisdom Tales | DVD Reviews

Episode #4 of Hindi TV Serial Tenali Rama takes the story forward from where it is paused at Episode #3.

TV Serial :
Tenali Rama
Producer : T. S. Narasimhan
Director : T. S. Nagabharana
Based On : Short stories by
Screenplay :
Script :
Dialogs :
Editor : Suresh Urs
Music : L. Vydyanathan
Camera : Mallikarjuna
Starring : Master Kartik, Nagini Bharana, Shreepathi Ballal, Kishori Ballal, and others…
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Now RamaKrishna and his wife Sita are arrived to the city of King KrishnaDev Raya, but he is so far unable to find his way in to the court of the king. How can a common man, without any links to high level officials, be able to reach to the ruler? The tragic situations were almost same even those days as well! And the loopholes were almost same as we found today! Try to offer bribe and make your way?!

Ultimately Tenali Rama learn his lesson pretty quickly and found a way to meet the king.

The incident remind us a very similar incident found in the tales of Akbar and Birbal. Mahesh Das (who was later awarded with the name – Birbal) was also stopped from entering into the court of Emperor Akbar. And he used the same trick to find his way in. You can read about it in Episode -2 reviews of Hindi TV Serial – Akbar and Birbal. Such similarities makes us to think that the folklore in the various areas of countries are having heavy influences of each other; or may be they all belongs to the same root. The tales of wit and wisdom are written with the same central theme everywhere and hence they found similar. That is why we found the references of PanchaTantra and Jataka tales in various countries in different manner.

The first half of this episode revolves around Rama’s attempts to enter to the court of the king. He encounters a set of soldiers who are working as doorkeepers. Mainly 3 actors have played the role of soldiers, and almost all of them are unconvincing. The actor who plays the keeper of the inner-most gate have a persona desired, but his dialog delivery is quite artificial.

These scenes are filmed in some old castle and we found the stuff have the traces of the modern time as well. Which is not a positive attribute for a TV Serial which is intended to explore the old era. We can say the same for the wardrobe and the interior as well.

Though acting of Vijay Kashyap (which is quite artificial at various places) and Anang Desai makes the episode a delight to watch. The scriptwriter have also done his job pretty well. Dialogs are effective and so does the background music during the episode. The background music during the title song is not very effective though.

The magician and his tricks shown in the episode are quite interesting at places, but executed in quite childish manner. Now a days we see superb SFX and VFX so we may not be impressed with the trick shown where we see a lady in the air, or a disappearing man. But the kids will find it interesting for sure. If the actors playing small roles have performed better, the episode could have been more delightful.

The episode have a good content and can be watched with entire family. It is not only for time pass, but it conveys the message of wit and wisdom. And these positive attributes make it a not to miss choice, especially for the kids; despite of some downsides.

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