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Episode 3 Sinhasan Battisi | Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Doordarshan TV Series

Whatever happened between the princess and the donkey you might already have watched so far (or at least guess it right), let move ahead hearing the tale ahead. When King Bhoj again tried sitting on the throne, another divine angel doll came to the life and asked Bhoj to judge himself and decide whether he find himself worthy for the throne. She then started to tell one incident about Vikram in order to let king Bhoj know more about him.

They were three brothers named Bhagirath, Vikram and Prabhav. Prabhav have an exceptional ability to understand the language of birds and animals. He could even talk to them. Once Prabhav, along with his brother and friend wandering in the Jungle, he heard a sparrow couple talking. He explained the stuff to his mates and later talks to the sparrows. The conversation was overheard by a hunter who thought it would be great to have possession of such talent, as these abilities can lead him into capturing the birds and animals easiliy. He somehow managed to capture Prabhav. When both his mates reached home, Prabhav’s mother asked about Prabhav and they all then realize that Prabhav got missing. Prabhav’s mother summon his other son Vikram or Vikramaditya and asked him to go look for Prabhav. He accepted the job willfully and promised his mother to bring Prabhav back.

He searched for his brother so long. When he reached near a hut, he found a man was working there. He asked him about Prabhav and got a clue that a guy similar to what Vikram have described passed from there. He was there along with the hunter in the sleeping condition on the horse. The hunter have explained that he was ill. He offered Vikram some food and drink and asked him to wait till he bring it. Dead tired Vikram got asleep there while waiting for the man. A Godess thought to test the qualities of Vikram. She got transformed in an elderly woman who was starving for food. Awoke Vikram offered him the food, the man brought for Vikram. The Godess felt overwhelming by Vikram’s qualities and blessed him to have victory in his way.

In search of his brother Vikram continued his tour. There was the kingdom of Ujjaini in his way as the next stop. When he reached there, the solders from the kingdom captured him. They later declared him as their king. Vikram got to know that a giant ghost named Vetal (or Betal) was threatening the kingdom. He used to eat the king of Ujjaini daily and the citizens need to look for a new king daily. So Vikram’s fate is also decided already. He is the next victim. Vikram thought to go wise. He implement a plan to deal with Vetal. What was the plan? Well, you better watch it on your own. We don’t think it is good to spoil the thrill by disclosing the same.

The title song by Shabbir Kumar, definitely have its own impact in the listener’s mind. The special effects are not up-to-the-mark, based on budget and technology available during those days. Vijayendra Ghatge, a yesterday movie actor plays the role of Vikram and does the justice to the same. The lady played the doll in this episode need to work on her pronunciations and clarity of speech. Pravin Kumar, who later played the legendary Bheem (Bhim or Bhima) in B. R. Chopra’s television saga “Mahabharat”, plays Vetal (Vaital, Betal) here. Overall, you can say, it may lack finishing but have nice content lie within.

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