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Sinhasan Battisi Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Views and Reviews

King Bhoj again tried sitting on the mysterious throne, which was interrupted by another angle doll. She asked Bhoj to think himself if he is worthy for the action he is thinking to take. It is not just other throne but the throne of King Vikramaditya, only worthy can sit there.

She tells one of the incidents from Vikram’s life to Bhoj, so Bhoj can know more about Vikram. Once when Vikram was there in his court, some of his soldier came to him. They have a lady in their custody and she was charged with the attempt of suicide. She tried ending her life by jumping into the river Kshipra, but was saved and captured by the soldiers. Vikram asked the lady the reason which made her to took this ultimate decision. The lady then told that she is married to one of the spies of Vikram. After the marriage, he needed to leave for a mission and since more than a year he left, he is not back which made her life blank. She found no worthy reason to live without her love of life and hence she decided to end her life by committing suicide.

Upon inquiring Vikram find the tale true. He found that the spy was indeed sent on the duty and he is not back yet. Vikram declared the lady as his siter and took care of her. He himself then went on the way to find her husband. He considered this as his responsibility not only as a brother but also as a king. On the way he found that when the spy was actually on the mission, he found some pirates threatening at the bank of the sea touching the border of Vikram’s kingdom. In order to keep the piece and rule in the area, as the Representative of King Vikram, he considered it as his duty to save the people from the terror of pirate. He keep fighting them on the regular bases. The sad thing is, he had to fight alone as the locales are so scared of the pirates they do not support him in his attempts to overpower them. This doesn’t make changing his mind for the spy though. And, he decided to do his duty till his last breath.

King Vikram finds him and asked that now he himself will take care of the problem by and relieved the spy. What Vikram does to overpower the pirates? Will he be able to resolve the mystery? Will the spy be able to meet his wife and live with her for life? All these questions are answered when you watch the episode on your own.

Apart from the special effects, some fight sequences doesn’t leave the impact, they have to . But the story is smoothly executed. The greatest relief of the serials of that time is they do not bombard the scene again and again with facial expression taken from various angles. We definitely love it. Vikram’s tales are always a source of inspiration for generations. Its popularity made it being translated in various regional languages and it was often heard from the mouth of the elders in the family. And impact of the same is there for life time. In the time of senseless soaps and serials stretching the incidents unnecessarily these simple, straight forward tales are delight to watch.

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