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Bodyguard | Reviews of Bollywood Hindi Flim of 2011

Remember the time of 80s and 90s when Bollywood produced a lot of massala movies (the commercial entertainers, having larger than the life characters and incidents, mixed with drama, tragedy, emotions, actions and comedy). The time seems back in fashion and along with some serious and thought-provoking cinema, now a days, commercially made masala films also hitting the screen and getting succeed. Bodyguard is one such film.

Movie : Bodyguard
Director : Siddique
Starring : Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Hazel keech, Raj Babbar, Mahesh Manjrekar, Sarat Saxena, Rajat Rawail, Aditya Panscholi and others

It is no path-breaking film of course. Nor you expect to find logic in each and every incident in the film. Just watch the movie with the sole aim to get entertainment and you will not be disappointed. There was a time (not a long ago) people and especially the filmy pundits were telling the era of Salman is off and he is no more charaismatic on screen and so and so. And since Wanted, Dabaang etc. he is back with a bang. He knows his abilities and limitations both and he after spending dacades in Bollywood know how to use both of them to his benefit.

It is the story of Lovely Singh, who is a professional bodyguard, and this is like his inherited qualities as his father Late Balwant Singh was also a Bodyguard. Once Balwant Singh car met with an accident, resulted into his death, but his son and wife Sudha were saved by Sartaj Rana [Raj Babbar]. Sartaj is a remarkable and respec man in the society who is having his own, kind of ruling in his area Jaysinhpur. People come to him even seeking for justice and he does the needful to have them the same. In one such incident he needed to stop an international crime and burst a racket of kidnapping of young and beautiful girls and sell them to the other countries.

He asked to send some bodyguards to perform the operation to Mr. Bindra [Sarat Saxena] who runs a security agency. And Lucky Singh [Salman Khan] is sent by him for the same. Who successfully completes the operation single handedly. Though, Rana know that now the people behind the racket, the Mahatre brothers, lead by Ranjan [Mahesh Manjrekar] will definitely took revenge of the same. He was worried for the security of his daughter Divya [Kareena Kapoor] who was studying, his most loved and most important possession in the world. He asks Mr. Bindra for a bodyguard for her and Lovely Singh got the responsibility.

Lovely Singh does his duty in the devoted manner, but Divya goes irritated by being followed everywhere and she executes a plan to keep Lucky busy in a fake telephonic love affair. Though the things are changed as expected and she falls in for Lucky. Her friend Maya [Hazel Keach] warns her for playing such game, and later to love Lovely as he respects Rana as a God and he will not respond the same. What will happen then? Will Lovely knew that Divya is indeed the girl he was talking on phone and in love with? What Ranjan and his team will do? A lot of questons, it is better to watch the partly predictable stuff on the silver screen.

As mentioned earlier, the film is Salman centric and he lives upto the mark. The film is written for the star Salman, actor Salman is in backseat. But, do his fans care that? Kareena’s role demands some emotional stuff also, which she delivers. She looks pretty in some scenes but beeing skinny is something she need to get rid off. Mahesh Manjrekar and Aditya Pancholi have smaller roles. Raj Babbar plays some scenes brilliantly but his body language when the old Sartaj wakes up from the bed is not upto the mark. This is the remake of south Indian film Bodyguard and the comic fatty character, trademark of the films there, is here as well. There is of course resemblence in the story of the similar movie Angrakshak [Sunny Deol, Pooja Bhatt]. Himesh Reshamiya is back after long time with his music (one song is by Pritam though) and he rocks. Composition of “Teri Meri Prem Kahani” is really nice. (Though the male singer needs to care when pronounce “Bayan” word). Director Siddique knows his job and what he is making. The master stroke of the movie is its last 15-20 minutes which made its impact even solid. An entertainer, especially for Salman lovers.

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