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Person Of Interest | Introduction to SciFi TV Series

Have you heard the phrase “Person Of Interest”. In terms of police dictionary (well, not a dictionary to be precise, but used by the police department, especially in the USA) it means a person in whom the police is interested.

Now the person referred can be a witness or someone is cooperating in solving a specific crime, the phrase has no clear meaning. The person can be on either side of the crime.

TV Serial : Person Of Interest
Genre : Crime drama, Science fiction, Action
Created by : Jonathan Nolan
Written by :
Executive producer(s) : Jonathan Nolan, Greg Plageman, J. J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Denise Thé, Chris Fisher
Producer(s) : Athena Wickham, Margot Lulick, Kathy Lingg, Stephen Semel, Erik Mountain,
Editor(s) : Scott Lerner, Scott Powell, Ryan Malanaphy, Ray Daniels III, Mark Conte
Cinematography : Gonzalo Amat, Stephen McNutt, Manuel Billeter, Teodoro Maniaci, David Insley
# of Seasons : 5
# of Episodes : 103
Production companies : Bad Robot Productions, Kilter Films, Warner Bros. Television
Distributor : Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Starring : Jim Caviezel (John Reese), Michael Emerson (Harold Finch), Taraji P. Henson (Detective Jocelyn “Joss” Carter), Kevin Chapman (Detective Lionel Fusco), Amy Acker (Root), Sarah Shahi (Sameen Shaw),

Paige Turco (Zoe Morgan), Susan Misner (Jessica Arndt), Brett Cullen (Nathan Ingram), Carrie Preston (Grace Hendricks),
Enrico Colantoni (Carl Elias), David Valcin (Scarface (Anthony Marconi)), James LeGros (Bruce Moran), Ken Leung (Leon Tao),
Brennan Brown (Special Agent Nicholas Donnelly), Wrenn Schmidt (Dr. Iris Campbell), Annie Ilonzeh (Harper Rose),

Camryn Manheim (Control), Boris McGiver (Hersh), Jay O. Sanders (Special Counsel), John Doman (Senator Ross Garrison), Elizabeth Marvel (Alicia Corwin), Cotter Smith (Denton Weeks),
Sterling K. Brown (Detective Cal Beecher), Michael McGlone (Detective Bill Szymanski), Anthony Mangano (Detective Kane),
Clarke Peters (Alonzo Quinn), Robert John Burke (Officer Patrick Simmons), Michael Mulheren (Captain Arthur Lynch), John Fiore (Captain Womack of Homicide Division), Al Sapienza (Detective Raymond Terney), Brian Wiles (Officer Mike Laskey), Michael Kelly (Mark Snow), Darien Sills-Evans (Tyrell Evans), Annie Parisse (Kara Stanton),
John Nolan (John Greer), Julian Ovenden (Jeremy Lambert), Leslie Odom, Jr. (Peter Collier), Cara Buono (Martine Rousseau), Oakes Fegley (Gabriel Hayward), Robert Manning, Jr (Zachary), Joshua Close (Jeff Blackwell),
Winston Duke (Dominic Besson aka “Mini”), Jamie Hector (Lincoln “Link” Cordell), Jessica Pimentel (Floyd), and others…

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By keeping this phrase as the title, Jonathan Nolan created a TV Serial which was originally aired on CBS from September 22, 2011 to June 21, 2016.

The basic concept of the TV Series will remind you Tom Cruise starrer Hollywood movie Minority Report!

The series got popular and received mostly positive reviews from the critics and audience altogether and it was renewed for a total of 5 seasons.

List Of Episodes – Season 1 (2011-2012)

The pilot episode of the first season was directed by Jonathan Nolan himself, following by various directors.

The first season came with the concept of a software known as The Machine. The machine can be better referred as a modern surveillance system with artificial intelligence. It is able to accurately monitor and analyse the security footage and communication around the world to accurately predict the crime!

The machine is developed by mysterious reclusive billionaire computer programmer named Harold Finch. He leaves a backdoor into the system so he can use it to know about the crime before it happens. However, to prevent misuse of the backdoor if found by someone else, he put a limitation there. The backdoor reveals just the Social security number of the person(s) associated with the crime. It doesn’t tell whether he/she is a criminal or a victim!

How he is planning to use the backdoor and how the things turned out is explored in the first season.

Here is the list of episodes of the first season.

Title Director Written By Release Date
Pilot David Semel September 22, 2011
Ghosts Richard J. Lewis & September 29, 2011
Mission Creep Steven DePaul October 6, 2011
Cura Te Ipsum Charles Beeson October 13, 2011
Judgment Colin Bucksey October 20, 2011
The Fix Dennis Smith & October 27, 2011
Witness Frederick E. O. Toye November 3, 2011
Foe Milan Cheylov November 17, 2011
Get Carter Alex Zakrzewski & December 8, 2011
Number Crunch Jeffrey Hunt December 15, 2011
Super Stephen Williams January 12, 2012
Legacy Brad Anderson January 19, 2012
Root Cause Richard J. Lewis February 2, 2012
Wolf and Cub Chris Fisher & February 9, 2012
Blue Code David Von Ancken February 16, 2012
Risk Jeff T. Thomas February 23, 2012
Baby Blue Larry Teng March 8, 2012
Identity Crisis Charles Beeson March 29, 2012
Flesh and Blood Stephen Semel April 5, 2012
Matsya Nyaya Kevin Bray April 26, 2012
Many Happy Returns Frederick E. O. Toye Story by: &
Teleplay by:
May 3, 2012
No Good Deed Stephen Williams May 10, 2012
Firewall Richard J. Lewis & May 17, 2012

List Of Episodes – Season 2 (2012-2013)

The commercial and critical success of the first season encouraged the makers to come with the second season of Person Of Interest.

The plot gets interesting in this season with the introduction to another organization of powerful people who is trying to get access of The Machine. The season explores many aspects of criminal activities including betrayal, revenge and truth revealation.

Here is the list of episodes which are part of Season 2.

Title Director Written By Release Date
The Contingency Richard J. Lewis & September 27, 2012
Bad Code Jon Cassar & October 4, 2012
Masquerade Jeffrey Hunt October 18, 2012
Triggerman James Whitmore, Jr. October 25, 2012
Bury the Lede Jeffrey Hunt November 1, 2012
The High Road Félix Alcalá & November 8, 2012
Critical Frederick E. O. Toye November 15, 2012
Til Death Helen Shaver November 29, 2012
C.O.D. Clark Johnson December 6, 2012
Shadow Box Stephen Surjik December 13, 2012
2πR Richard J. Lewis January 3, 2013
Prisoner’s Dilemma Chris Fisher January 10, 2013
Dead Reckoning John Dahl January 31, 2013
One Percent Chris Fisher & February 7, 2013
Booked Solid Frederick E. O. Toye & February 14, 2013
Relevance Jonathan Nolan & February 21, 2013
Proteus Kenneth Fink March 7, 2013
All In Tricia Brock March 14, 2013
Trojan Horse Jeffrey Hunt & April 4, 2013
In Extremis Chris Fisher & April 25, 2013
Zero Day Jeffrey Hunt & May 2, 2013
God Mode Richard J. Lewis & May 9, 2013

List Of Episodes – Season 3 (2013-2014)

In this season, Carter (know more about her in future articles of this series) decides to investigate deeper in HR to find who is the leader of the same. Will he be able to uncover it? And if yes, then how? All these questions are answered in season 3 which ends in a way that you can expect season 4 of the TV Series.

Here is the list of episodes for Season 3.

Title Director Written By Release Date
Liberty Chris Fisher & September 24, 2013
Nothing to Hide Frederick E. O. Toye October 1, 2013
Lady Killer Omar Madha October 8, 2013
Reasonable Doubt Stephen Williams October 15, 2013
Razgovor”Разговор[51] Kenneth Fink October 22, 2013
Mors Praematura Helen Shaver October 29, 2013
The Perfect Mark Stephen Surjik November 5, 2013
Endgame Sylvain White & November 12, 2013
The Crossing Frederick E. O. Toye November 19, 2013
The Devil’s Share Chris Fisher & November 26, 2013
Lethe Richard J. Lewis December 17, 2013
Aletheia Richard J. Lewis January 7, 2014
4C Stephen Williams & January 14, 2014
Provenance Jeffrey Hunt February 4, 2014
Last Call Jeff T. Thomas February 25, 2014
RAM Stephen Surjik & March 4, 2014
/”Root Path[64] Jeffrey Lee Gibson March 18, 2014
Allegiance Jeffrey Hunt March 25, 2014
Most Likely To… Kevin Hooks & April 1, 2014
Death Benefit Richard J. Lewis & April 15, 2014
Beta Frederick E. O. Toye & April 29, 2014
A House Divided Chris Fisher May 6, 2014
Deus Ex Machina Chris Fisher & May 13, 2014

List Of Episodes – Season 4 (2014-2015)

The team have to work on uncovering the criminal activities and prevent them as it was doing. But the things are more challenging now. The season also explores bigger aspects of criminal activities with huge impact. It includes playing with the Election Results, Stock Market and other such large scale activities which can affect masses.

Here is the list of episodes aired as part of Season 4.

Title Director Written By Release Date
Panopticon Richard J. Lewis & September 23, 2014
Nautilus Chris Fisher September 30, 2014
Wingman Frederick E. O. Toye October 7, 2014
Brotherhood Chris Fisher October 14, 2014
Prophets Kenneth Fink October 21, 2014
Pretenders Stephen Surjik October 28, 2014
Honor Among Thieves Sylvain White November 11, 2014
Point of Origin Richard J. Lewis November 18, 2014
The Devil You Know Richard J. Lewis November 25, 2014
The Cold War Michael Offer December 16, 2014
If-Then-Else Chris Fisher January 6, 2015
Control-Alt-Delete Stephen Surjik January 13, 2015
M.I.A. Kevin Bray February 3, 2015
Guilty Kate Woods February 10, 2015
Q&A Stephen Semel February 17, 2015
Blunt Frederick E. O. Toye & February 24, 2015
Karma Chris Fisher March 10, 2015
Skip Helen Shaver March 24, 2015
Search and Destroy Stephen Surjik April 7, 2015
Terra Incognita Alrick Riley & April 14, 2015
Asylum Frederick E. O. Toye & April 28, 2015
YHWH Chris Fisher & May 5, 2015

List Of Episodes – Season 5 (2016)

The fith season is the final one. Here we see that The Machine reinitiated and it takes a while before it can start functioning as it was. What are the actual damages and how the things again fall in place, are the main points explored in this Season.

The fifth season includes the following episodes:

Title Director Written By Release Date
B.S.O.D. Chris Fisher & May 3, 2016
SNAFU Chris Fisher May 9, 2016
Truth Be Told Stephen Surjik May 10, 2016
6,741 Chris Fisher & May 16, 2016
ShotSeeker Maja Vrvilo May 17, 2016
A More Perfect Union Alrick Riley May 23, 2016
QSO Kate Woods May 24, 2016
Reassortment Kenneth Fink May 24, 2016
Sotto Voce Margot Lulick May 30, 2016
The Day the World Went Away Frederick E. O. Toye & May 31, 2016
Synecdoche Tim Matheson & June 7, 2016
.exe Greg Plageman & June 14, 2016
return 0 Chris Fisher & June 21, 2016

Person Of Interest got many accolades during it’s airing. Here is a brief summary of some of the awards it was nominated for/won during the course.

Award Year Category Nominee(s) Result
2012 Golden Reel Awards Best Sound Editing – Short Form Dialogue and ADR in Television Thomas DeGorter, H. Jay Levine, Maciek Malish, Matt Sawelson / “Witness” Nominated
2012 Hollywood Post Alliance Outstanding Sound – Television Thomas DeGorter, Keith Rogers, Matt Sawelson, Scott Weber / “Matsya Nyaya” Nominated
2012 IGN Best TV Action Series Person of Interest Nominated
2012 NAACP Image Awards Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series Taraji P. Henson Nominated
2012 People’s Choice Awards Favorite New TV Drama Person of Interest Won
2012 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series (One Hour) Noah Timan, Keith Rogers, Frank Morrone, Scott Weber / “Pilot” Nominated
2013 Golden Reel Awards Best Sound Editing – Short Form Music in Television Tom Trafalski / “Firewall” Nominated
2013 IGN Best TV Action Series Person of Interest Nominated
2013 IGN Best TV Hero Taraji P. Henson (for the character “Joss Carter”) Nominated
2014 IGN Best TV Action Series Person of Interest Nominated
2014 NAACP Image Awards Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series Taraji P. Henson Won
2014 People’s Choice Awards Favorite Dramatic TV Actor Jim Caviezel Nominated
2015 IGN People’s Choice TV Series Person of Interest Won
2015 IGN Best TV Action Series Person of Interest Won
2015 IGN People’s Choice TV Action Series Person of Interest Won
2015 IGN Best TV Episode If-Then-Else Nominated
2015 Saturn Awards Best Network Television Series Person of Interest Nominated
2015 Zimbio, Inc. Best Overall Show Person of Interest Won
2016 Edgar Allan Poe Awards Best Television Episode Teleplay Erik Mountain, Melissa Scrivner Love / “Terra Incognita” Nominated
2016 IGN Best TV Series Person of Interest Nominated
2016 IGN Best TV Action Series Person of Interest Won
2016 People’s Choice Awards Favorite TV Crime Drama Actor Jim Caviezel Nominated
2016 People’s Choice Awards Favorite TV Crime Drama Person of Interest Won
2016 World Soundtrack Awards Television Composer of the Year Ramin Djawadi Nominated
2017 Edgar Allan Poe Awards Best Television Episode Teleplay Jonathan Nolan, Denise Thé / “return 0” Nominated

The rise of the E-Commerce lead to wide accessibility of such TV Series, which were otherwise available in the country of origin. Eventually, the TV Series was releade on media and made available in various regions. And now you can find it in online stores like Amazon in many locales.

We will keep exploring and reviewwing each episode of this TV Series over the period of time. The episode tiles will then be linked with the reviews for the specific episode. So we recommend you to bookmark this page.

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If you have already watched some of the episodes (or all of them), you are welcome to share your experiences via comments below. And yes, share information about this TV serial with your friends and family members who you think will find it interesting to explore.

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