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Not A Love Story | Reviews of Bollywood Hindi Film of 2011

Encasing the currently hyped controversy is one of the best way to make a commercial movie (which possible lead to success). The major advantage is the marketing and publicity. As the details and incidents are fresh in the people’s mind, it make it easy for film makes to relate the people with the movie. On the contrary, you cannot take much cinematic liberties too. Also getting sued by the people associated with the actual incidents on the controversial stuff (content/scene etc.) in the movie is a danger.

Movie : Not A Love Story
Director : Ram Gopal Varma
Starring : Mahie Gill, Deepak Dobriyal, Ajay Gehi, Zakir Hussain, Neil Bhoopalam, Darshan Jariwala, Ganesh Yadav,Rasika Joshi and others

In recent times the case of Maria Susairaj and Neeraj Grover got much footage in the media. Ram Gopal Verma (or RGV) decided to have his own take over the incident. Well, we cannot judge the incidents for which we are not aware with the absolute and ultimate truth. But if it is true then the most disgusting thing is the couple have enjoyed sexual intercourse in front of the dead body. How could one get erected in such sad, terrible and volatile situation. But again, Human psychology is something beyond understanding. The case of a Navy Commander named Mr. Nanavati got much exposed before years which was also based on love triangle. Here also the case is of love triangle (!?). The story of this 105 minutes film is not so complicated, but the incidents happened are definitely.

There is a small town girl Anusha Chawla (Mahie Gill) is willing to get the fame, money and of course success. She is in relationships with his not only obsessive but also possessive boyfriend Robin Fernandes (Deepak Dobriyal). Now a days, the films represent the things in such ways that the physical relationships are not a big thing for either of the gender. Anusha goes to Mumbai to try her luck with all intensive efforts to make big in Bollywood. After a few casting-couch suffering scenes, unsuccessful auditions and a few rejections, Anusha was able to bag a film finally. Though, she gets regular calls from her boyfriend insisting her to come back as the things are not taking positive (till Anusha got the film). Ashish Bhatnagar (Ajay Gehi), is the director in the city who is keen to book a telent and don’t want to take any benefit of offering a break. Such genuine fellows are difficult to find in any business. They ultimately landed at Anusha’s home at a late night after the party.

Robin decided to come to Mumbai to meet Anusha, but his timings were wrong. When he landed to the doors of Anusha’s flat, the presence of unclothed Ashish was there. What more is needed to ignite the fire in the mind of an obsessive and possessive boyfriend? The result was death of Ashish by being stabbed multiple times. Now what? The dead-body in Anusha’s flat will ruin everything, not only her film (or any other) career and Robin’s too, but also a lot more. Robin comes with a plan, cut down the dead-body of Ashish in small pieces and pack them neatly in multiple plastic bags, and later to be disposed somewhere at the outskirts of Mumbai. But Ashish was not just the other guy. He was a film director and his new film (in which he casted Anusha) is soon to be started in full motion and the rest of the cast members find him missing. There were people knowing that he was last seen with Anusha. Police started investigation and Anusha also comes in the list of suspects. After several incidents, Anusha finally breaks down in the interrogation.

Mahie acted well and you can say its her most memorable performance till date (by remembering the roles she played in Dev D and Dabaang, and its length). The camera angles are trying to reveal the most of her, and she is not hesitant of the same. Dipak Dobriyal have to represent only a few expressions and he does it through out the film. Zakir Hussain’s performance is really nice, see his body language and you will know how fine actor he is. Darshan Jariwala makes his presence felt. Rest of the cast does their job, not too impressive but neither bad also. There is no scope in the movie to be melodious and hence it is not. RGV’s choice of the subject is demands his guts here. The direction flows between highs and lows. Background score is according to subject. Well, its Not A Love Story, definitely. Watch it alone or with adult friends if you like such cinema and cinematic experiments.

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