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Google Play Turned 1 Year | Tech News

Time is passing so fast, or is it relative? Google Play, Google’s online store for mobile app developers and users, turned 1.

Based on the user base Android platform is having, Google is no doubt en-route to conquer the mobile and especially the app Market area rapidly. After iPhone’s setback at the Map application the love of people for Android based devices (and hence apps) is grown. Also some of the acquisitions Google have (including Motorola) and some of the tie-ups they have (Samsung) makes the reach of Android platform even wider.

If to go statistically Google Play offers more than 700,000 Apps and Games. Music, movies, TV shows, books and magazines are among the most loved items for the people and Google have tied up with the large number of firms produce all or any of them. Google is approaching new payment options and keeps adding features to the store to keep it updated. For example while celebrating Google Play’s first birthday they are planning to launch the option to let the users purchase apps and/or games from Google play via Phone bill and gift cards, for UK users.

And of course, as recently done by FlipKart, via its Flyte store (here is the detailed news), Google also have some special offers and surprises to go and check with. So don’t miss the chance.

What are features of Android devices makes you to drive through them>?

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