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R…Rajkumar | Bollywood Film | Hindi Movie | Personal Reviews

Prabhu Deva is well known choreographer, actor, producer, director who gave films in various languages. Before a few years he started directing Hindi films and given some block Busters like Wanted, Rowdy Rathore and some not so successful Ramaiya Vastavaiya, AnyBody Can Dance.

R…Rajkumar is the latest film directed by him. Let us take a look at what it has to offer.

Movie : R… Rajkumar
Director :
Prabhu Deva
Screenplay : , ,
Produced by : Viki Rajani, Sunil Lulla
Story By :
Dialog :
Music By : Pritam, Sandip Chowta (background score)
Cinematography : Mohana Krishna
Editor : Ballu Saluja
Studio : Next Gen Films
Distributed by : Eros International
Released On :
Starring : Shahid Kapoor [Rajkumar], Sonakshi Sinha [Chanda], Sonu Sood [Shivraj Gurjar], Ashish Vidyarthi [Manik Parmar], Mukul Dev, Asrani, Srihari [Ajit Takka], and others…

Earlier titled as Rambo Rajkumar, the movie had to change title because Rambo belongs to well known movie franchisee by Sylvester Stallone. Not sure but the maker might even thought to have the name as Romeo Rajkumar as similar dialog references are found in the movie. OR the dialogs might have referred the phrase Rambo Rajkumar which have changed to Romeo Rajkumar. Anyway, the makers then wisely have settled with just R… Rajkumar!

The movie dialogs are not for family audience and even in several songs you will find some non-family words. Nowadays the gap between family movie and adult content gets thinner and thinner. There are even brutal actions scenes (which were in Prabhu Deva’s previous movies as well) which makes the movie a choice for mature audience.

The movie however have a lot of turn-down attributes, it has all the ingredients to conquer money at the box office. And despite of not being well received critically, it is sure to collect a handsome amount of money. And there is no big competition it has in its path till the release of Dhoom-3.

If to talk about the story actually there is a script which may have been improved, executed brilliantly and then movie could have been a better deal. But anyway, there are ingredients for the masala movie watchers for sure. If you put your brain at a side and watch the film it may entertain you.

We found Shahid Kapoor quoting somewhere that he deserves some luck. Based on the roles he played, shown his acting abilities, he definitely deserve it. This movie may prove it for him. He is in good form in the movie. There are dialogs about his short body frame as well. There are even dialogs about Sonakshi and her weight. Sonakshi doesn’t have much to do in this film apart from some songs where she expose in her way. She is improved as an actress for sure, and needs more improvement as well.

Mukul Dev gets some role these days and mostly they all are similar in terms of get-up and characters. He plays it convincingly. If given proper chance and exposure he deserve, he can prove his abilities (like Arshad Warsi). Sonu Sood got a meaty role here and he justifies the same. We are seeing another fine talent Ashish Vidyarthi in the film after long, he plays the role effortlessly.

Asrani gets small roles in some films (mainly in Priyadarshan films) these days. He got the same here and to our relief he doesn’t have to act loud.

The fight master have to play a major role in the movie, and he performed well in choreographing several fights in the movie. Definitely the fights will remind you those form the South-Indian movies, but they are looking good on celluloid.

The locales are brilliant, including the white Rann Of Kachchh. In Prabhudeva movies, the music/dance department is entertainer and this movie is not an exception. The item songs could have been avoided. Actually the song comes as speed breakers in the film and some of them should have been avoided from narration.

The story belongs to Romeo Rajkumar who entered a world of mafias. Two gangs of Shirvraj aka Bhaiyoji and Manik Parmar are blood-thirsty for each other. They do not left any chance kill the men belongs to each other. Both want to conquer the business of farming row material for cocaine and other drugs and want to defeat the another player. However when bullets were firing during one such fight, Rajkumar got to see Chanda and immediately falls in for her.

Ajit Taka is an International Mafia don who manages in several countries. Shivraj and Manik both were selling to him. A meeting between Shivraj and Ajit’s representative doesn’t go well, when Shivraj was threatened when not ready to reduce the price. Ajit however wanted to do business with keeping cool, he have his plans.

Rajkumar first saves a remarkable amount of drugs which belongs to Shivraj and enters his gang. He then saves life of Shivraj and became one of his confidante. He first have a small rivalry but later develops strong friendship with another henchman of Shivraj! Aimless Rajkumar now plays major role in the operations by Shivraj and his love story with Chanda also moves ahead.

There came a situation when path of Rajkumar and Chanda crosses with Shivraj and Manik. Why? Well, Shivraj also falls in for Chanda! Manik was ready to end rivalry with Shivraj by getting him married with his niece Chanda! So now Rajkumar have to fight both the local Mafia barons and their gangs to save Chanda. Its a movie so we can pretty assume the end but how it moves ahead is good to watch on screen.

Overall a movie which is made with keeping only commercial aspects in the mind, eventually going a little vulgar at places, some nice performances in acting, dancing, fighting; it have the ingredients of a time pass masala movie, which is liked mainly by the front-benchers.

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