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The latest film by Yash Raj Films, Dhoom : 3 was released on 20th December 2013. As it is the Christmas time, people are in the mood of fun and joy, the new year is also approaching and the surrounding is in the mood of holidays; the release of the film is quite strategic.

Despite of having flows in the story (like its predecessors) and a lot of the stuff adapted from Hollywood movies (again, like its predecessors), the movie rocks at the box office. Two major reasons behind the same include the aggressive marketing and nice execution of the content on the celluloid. HIT is already written on the movie!

Movie : Dhoom: 3
Director :
Vijay Krishna Acharya
Screenplay :
Produced by : Aditya Chopra
Story By : ,
Music By : Pritam (Songs), Julius Packiam (Songs and Background score)
Cinematography : Sudeep Chatterjee
Editor : Ritesh Soni
Studio : Yash Raj Films
Released On :
Starring : Aamir Khan [Sahir/Samar], Abhishek Bachchan [Jai Dixit], Uday Chopra [Ali Akbar], Katrina Kaif [Aaliya], Jackie Shroff, Tabrett Bethell [Victoria], Andrew Bicknell [Anderson], Siddharth Nigam [young Sahir], Don Kress [Grandpa], Kim DeJesus [Jennifer], and others…

It all starts with incidents in 1990 which took place in Chicago, USA. Iqbal – the owner of – The Great Indian Circus – is debted to the bank. The bank gave them ultimatum to return the money he took as the loan or otherwise the Circus and everything related to the same would be auctioned by the bank in order to recover the money. on 1st Dec 1990, a special show was arranged for the bank officials in which Iqbal shows a never before seen act of – The Transported man! (Knock knock, remember English film The Prestige?!). Despite of the show gone fantastic and Sahir – the young boy of Iqbal sell everything he own, the father-son duo was unable to convince the bank officials. And it was finalized that if the money will not be arranged in 5 days, the Bank will, arrange the auction to recover the money!

Circus was the life for Iqbal, a man with the pride. He was unable to tolerate this setback and committed a suicide.

The boy playing young Sahir acts quite okay, but he need to work a lot on his dialog delivery.

The days became months and months became years! Sahir is now in his youth and he is very determined for the stuff he need to do. We see a bank was looted openly by Sahir. And we see the currency notes were showered from the building of Bank! Sahir then gets out of the bank building via a very unconventional way, via the building walls. The scene in which Sahir climbs down the building looks completely fake and unconvincing. The police arrives though and there is a thrilling chase between the thief and the police. The thief drives bike from below the truck and on a rope between buildings during the chase. Both the scenes are not convincing, especially the later one. He was able to escape though.

The Tap dance in the title song is good but isn’t able to recreate the magic of Hrithik’s dance in title song of Dhoom : 2.

There come our desi heroes, ACP Jai Dixit and his aide Ali Akbar. None of them are as convincing as they were in the previous installments but the auto-rickshaw fight is quite interesting. An auto-rickshaw which can break walls and make way, is a little more unconvincing though. Their stunts on the bike are eye-pleasing and unconvincing both at the same time.

Based on the notes found in Hindi at the looted branches, the US police decide to call Jai and Ali to assist them in bank robbery cases and catch the thief. Victoria, the lady officer from the intelligence wing is in-charge of the operation. However she doesn’t look a police officer from her body language. (For example she walks like a model and her head is a little down, a police officer of that caliber have a profound body language with straight head).

Sahir who is looting the branches of the same bank responsible for his father’s death is now back to Chicago and he is going to perform at the place where his circus did the last one. He was looking for an Asian girl who can perform in his circus. And there came the heroin, who does a kind of striptease to convince Sahir that she is the right choice!!! Anyway Katrina shows her curves fantastically and she dances well in her intro song. The hard work she did for the dance is seen clearly.

Jai plans a trap for the thief. He know that the only way to get the theif caught is make him to rob something and catch him red-handed. Sahir plays his game by being an informer to Jai. On the clown’s day (1st April) Sahir tips of Jai for the robbery and then performs the robbery. He was able to not to get caught though! The chase here is simply superb in terms of technics, locales and thrill. There are a few scenes (like when Jai is hanging from the helicopter) where we see poor special effects though. The thief was shot in a shoulder though.

Jai doubts Sahir and he know that he is from the Great Indian Circus. So all the piece of the maze are falling in place for him. If he find the wound on Sahir’s shoulder he can prove his doubts are true. Will Jai be able to catch the thief based on this injury? It will be nice to watch it on screen.

There are several questions rise in your mind while watching the movie. The suicide of Iqbal is quite melodramatic. Ali despite of being police officer, wears head band and other tapori like stuff when he is abroad! When making robery we see Sahir have only one shoulder bag, how did he took the money out then?! If he doesn’t want to reveal his identity then why does he use clear glass helmet?

The editing of the film is fantastic. It is well thought and intelligent. The movie is first rate in terms of style. Special effects lack consistency though. Dialogs are very good at several places. But during several scenes (like Jai gives moral lecture, Ali convinces Jai to not to leave Chicago without catching the thief, the tension between the two villains, etc.) it is below the mark.

If to talk about acting, Aamir is one of the finest talents in Bollywood and there are no two thoughts on the same. But, we know that he is a method actor. Here he tries hard to look convincing, which actually works the other way! He is competent in some of the scenes and at the same time e is not convincing in several parts of the movie. Katrina doesn’t need to show her acting ability anywhere in the movie. Jackie does his bits in small role. Abhishek and Uday are just okay for the roles they continue playing in Dhoom series. Neither of them is over the top.

After Tashan, this time Vijay Acharya is in form as director. Some sequences are really nice. The story have several loopholes as mentioned earlier. The climax scene must remind you the starting of a James Bond movie starring Pierce Brosnan. Even the bike which can run on roads and on water both is something borrowed from James Bond films as well.

So, too much is influenced from Hollywood movies, average acting, flows in the story, highly entertaining elements, some good special effects, chases, dances and above average music makes the film an entertainer. If you go without expectations you will be entertained for sure.

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