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It is the first time the noted film maker, director, writer and even a musician, Sanjay Leela Bhansali produced a 100% commercial film as the solo producer (with Ronnie Screwvala) in action genre. There are no two thoughts on Bhansali’s ability as a producer/director/writer/musician at all. He is well respected for the magnum opus he have given us so far. Most of them are emotional dramas touching the soft side of the life. His last magnum opus was Guzarish starring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai. Both them acted brilliantly in the movie. Hrithik’s act was definitely great and it is a wonder why he haven’t received National award for that! But anyway, we are going to discuss Rowdy Rathore and its related stuff.

In 80s and 90s the trend of Masala movies was there and the films depicting a hero (or heroes) doing larger than life things, winning over the evil forces single handedly was loved by the people. The trend is back. The psychological reasons are: everything moves in a circle, whether its fashion or movies. The things which are hit today will not be tomorrow and again will be back in limelight later. The success of movies like Ghajini, Wanted, Dabang, Singham and others make directors following the same path. The other reason is we are seeing a new scam exposed periodically, a fellow doing right activity gets hunted by the system, corruption and other evil stuff faced on daily bases. To get out of all these problems (at least for a while) man needs to see the truth actually triumph, the evils actually get punished. The things a person wants to do but he cannot in real life, loves to see being happened on the screen. It motivates him and gives a reason to live. Gives hope that one day the things will be right.

We see a lot of debate coming over these days that whether a genius like Bhansali had to produce such film or not? As it is opposite to his persona and works done till date. Well, it is Bhansali who can decide what he has to do, not us. And the second thing is, after all, it is all business. How Bhansali will be able to make another Khamoshi – The Musical, or Guzarish, or Black if he has no money? Bhansali already started working on his next project as his budget is now beefed up by the income of Rowdy Rathore (which claimed to be a member of Rs. 100 crore club). So we think it is a wise decision by him to earn commercial success and money by such films and then use that money to create masterpiece(s). Even Prabhudeva – the director of the movie stated that my producer is thinking in more masala/commercial way than I do. He says if people love a hero’s punch throwing 5 goons, then throw 10. (Well, not word to word, this is the heart of the message).

Movie : Rowdy Rathore
Director : Prabhu Deva
Proucers : Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Ronnie Screwvala
Screenplay : Shiraz Ahmed
Based On : Vikramarkudu by S. S. Rajamouli
Cast : Akshay Kumar (Shiva/ASP Vikram Rathore), Sonakshi Sinha (Paro), Paresh Ganatra (2G), Nassar (Baapji), Supreeth Reddy (Titla), Yashpal Sharma (Inspector Vishal Sharma), Gurdeep Kohli (Inspector Razia Khan), Amit Kumar (Munna), Mushtaq Khan (Baapji’s brother-in-law), Anant Jog (Minister), Darshan Jariwala (Commissioner), Shireesh Sharma (Paro’s father)), Ananya Nayak (Chinki), Ashok Samarth (Babu) and Others

And of course the movie is much better when compared to some successful or overmarketed movies. It has no double meaning dialog, no vulgarity. The film is actually a remake of the Telugu film Vikramarkudu which was later remade in Tamil as Siruthai and which had been dubbed into Malayalam as Vikramathithya, Bhojpuri as Vikram Singh Rathod IPS, and Hindi as Pratighat. The movie was remade in Bengali as Bikram Singha. So the story have all the potential to be a commercial hit anyway. When you watch the film you will see the stamp of South Indian flair of movies on the the same.

The film doesn’t claim to be a path breaking movie, it promises only entertainment and that is what it gives. Don’t try to find too much logic in each scene and you will enjoy the movie. Also make sure that the movie have some violence on screen which is not part of typical Hindi film, but found common in South Indian film. Though now people regularly watches South Indian films on TV and started getting used to it. Sonakshi try acting and she is better here than Dabang so she is sharping her skills slowly. Akshay is also happy as this movie is a commercial hit after long, which he was desperately waiting for.

Shiva is teamed with 2G and they live by making small loots. They are small time thieves nothing more. Shiva was not bad at heart though. Accidently Paro, a girl from Patna see Shiva saving life of a fat man (who get shocked due to a mischief she did – which no one knew) and liked his genuineness. Unaware of this incident, Shiva see her and falls in for her immediately (actually who have time for long romance in a movie of 130 minutes :)). See the incident when the director parodies advertisement of a deodorant. Also the dance has the Prabhudeva mark on it, of course. Akshay, we must say performs the step convincingly and his athletic body is the force behind making him able to do the same at this age. Shiva then saves Paro’s purse got snatched and this is the first time they interact with each other. We got to know that Paro is here to attend a marriage. Shiva tries charm her the incidents (which are raised by him) are good to watch on screen. Shiva tells her the truth about him that he is a small time thief and all (and even that he doesn’t like kids). Paro liked his honesty and falls in love with him.

Shiva promised her to leave all the wrong doings he is involved in from the next day. When seating with 2G at Railway station he informed him about this stuff and 2G’s heart was broken. But Shiva tells him that he will be leaving the business(?!) from the next day but they can surely have a major loot today which will make their coming life easier. Here they see a lady flooded with jewelery (yes, right, flooded with…) came with a huge trunk and one can guess that it is full with the valuables inside, came with a few porters. After the porters went, she was looking for someone to take care for the trunk so she can visit the washroom. 2G and Shiva finds Godess Laxmiji herself came to them (to make them wealthy). When the lady leaves, they both takes the trunk with them and went to their home. When they were discussing their parts, a police inspector comes there cross checking the stuff there. They needed to open the trunk as forced by the Inspector (Yashpal Sharma) and they found a girl inside. 2G and Shiva got shocked. The inspector was ready to arrest them for girl trafficking. But to their surprise, the girl hugged Shiva affectionately by calling hi daddy! Inspector doubted that Shiva was trying sell the girl and promised him to keep watch on him on daily bases to check the well beings of the girl.

Shiva, who hate kids, used to with his routine life as a bachelor, face a lot of difficulties to raise the girl. He tried a lot to get her dumped somewhere but the presence of the inspector make him failed doing it. The innocence of the girl was not able to change Shiva his mind so far. Shiva had trouble keeping her out of sight when meet Paro. One day angry Shiva asked the girl to eat, the girl demanded Shiva to feed her (as her father used to do so, and she think Shiva is her father). angry Shiva doesn’t fed her and the girl sleep starved. When Shiva came back drunk, he found the girl with her favorite Walkman, angry Shiva breaks the walkman. In the morning he found the girl crying. When Shiva got to know that the cassette she was hearing regularly was her mother’s voice. Shiva got emotional and repaired the walkman. This is the first time they hugged each other, at the very same time Paro came in with her parents, and by seeing the girl calling Shiva “father”, her heart was broken. Not ready to listen any explanation from Shiva, she leaves him.

We see an officer looking similar to Shiva involve in fights and doctors inform him that a vein in his brain is damaged so that he doesn’t have to be there in too much hot condition otherwise it can be fatal to him. Once Shiva was going with the girl and he was attacked by a bunch of goons. He was then tried being saved by a number of people including the police inspector visiting him regularly (and threatening). He was then surrounded by goons and all his supporters overpowered to and there was no where to run. He was still not be able to understand why there are people trying to kill him and why there are police and other fellows trying to save him. What is the truth about this girl? He was than faced with a savior, his look alike and then…

The rest of the movie is better to watch on screen in order to enjoy the same. In acting department Akshay does well, Sonakshi tries but she has a very long way to go. In dramatic scenes her limitations are coming in front. Akshay fights well (and it is his area of mastery). He dances even well. It is a challenge to dance at Prabhu Deva’s step when he gives complex steps, but Akshay does really well. Sonakshi dances well, but she can still be better. The antagonists act really well, you start hating them and that is the success of them. With the flair of remake of South movie (or dubbing the same), number of actors (especially playing negative roles) getting famous in the audience of Hindi cinema. The music rocks. Some violence is for mature people only. Overall, an entertainer with its highs (more) and lows (few). You can watch it for entertainment.

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