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Safari Magazine | June 2013 Issue | Views And Reviews

The vacation time is at its last segment and the monsoon is also approaching in near future. The month of June 2013 is progressing and we are keen to review the fresh magazine issues of this month for our readers.

June 2013 issue for Safari – a knowledge and science magazine from India is out and here are the details for the same.

The cover page is with blue background showing the face of an Egyptian mummy. We know it is the face of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun (also known as King Tut). The heading also suggest to have an article about the same. The 3D and mirrored image of the sculpture gives a nice look to the magazine cover. The mummy of TutanKhamun is being studied scientifically now but when it was unearthed before years, the reasons were different (and we can guess those reasons of course). The incident resulted into some bizarre happenings which stunned a lot of people with fear. The article brings in account of some of these incidents and reading them is like reading a suspense thriller. These real incidents happened in the lives of various people (who are associated with the incident to unearth the mummy of king Tut – somehow) made it mysterious and in turn very famous. The article is embedded with some photos, images and illustrations for better understanding.

Water occupies the majority of the Earth as we know. At times it becomes essential to make bridges to join the banks to join the places. Some bridges are not simply bridges that fill in the gap, but they are engineering challenge and wonders too. One such bridge is Oresund Sea Link. This 16 KM bridge links two countries. And, there is a valid reason it is known as a Link rather than a bridge because it is a combination of a Bridge, a Tunnel and an artificial (man made) Island! Now this makes it more interesting architecture to read about right? This article is spread around 4 pages.

Perfumes, sprays and deodorants have its own market. It is an industry of millions of dollars of course. The offensive marketing these days projects it as a day-to-day requirement. Some of the fragrances are pretty rare to found and hence are very costly too. And sometimes, when you know from where it is collected, you may not want to use it. For example the Ambergris is collected from the foetid vomit of sperm whales! And, it is one of the key ingredients used in perfumes to let it retain the smell for longer. And do you know how costly Ambergris is? A 0.59 Kilogram piece of Ambergris can earn you up to 59,000$ (USD)! So yes, we cannot take it lightly (Well, who can take the Whales lightly:)) In this detailed article you gotta know the facts about perfumes like – Christian No. 1 is the costliest perfume brand which cost 2,355 dollars for a 30 mm bottle!

We know that almost all the species live in their own society at various extents. And the societies are formed based on inter-dependency. Such social networking in animal is explored in an article. Importantly, this article by Samarth Vyas also contains examples of those animals who rather decided to live alone (and hence is not getting benefits of social networking), seeing the other side of the coin is interesting. A very detailed (Six page) article which refers the book – The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins.

The first MiG-21 was included in Indian Air Force in 1963. So it is the Golden Jubilee year for the same. There are some known-unknown facts about MIG-21 are discussed in an article about the same in this issue.

When you think out of the box you are not often welcomed or cheered up by the others. There needs to be a vision to see something different, implement it, prototype it and importantly find the usage of the same. There were several inventions made which were either considered as a fantasy only. Some of them are thrashed by the critiques (or masses) even after availability of a working prototype of the same. They found them unusable. But, you never know, the stuff which you think impossible or unusable today, might be an important part of your life tomorrow. There is an article exploring some of the inventions of the last century and discusses them. It focuses on some of the forecasts by genius went wrong. For example – Lord Kelvin, an extra-ordinary scientist, predicted that – heavier than air flying machines cannot fly. Read the article to know more such judgements, which proven wrong over the period of time.

The fact finder section answers the following questions:

  • Given that our universe is expanding and galaxies are moving away from each other, why do some galaxies collide?
  • How does the instrument used for measuring the magnitude of an earthquake work?
  • Tomato is eaten as vegetable in much the same way as onions, carrots, peas and cauliflower, so why has it been classified as fruit?
  • Which countries are at the greatest risk of submergence due to rising sea level as a result of global warming?
  • Why do motor car and motor cycle tyres have tread (grooves) on their surface?
  • Which is the most potent natural poison discovered so far?
  • Does premium-grade petrol give better mileage and performance in an automobile?
  • How doe a reverse osmosis/ RO water purifier work? Does it produce chemically pure water?
  • Which is the world’s largest island?

Indian cinema have completed a century successfully and it is celebrated in various ways by the film industry. This month’s super quiz section is focused on the Indian Film stuff, which you will enjoy if you are a film fan (or even love if you are keen in stuff knowledge).

The – All About – segment of this month’s issue is focused on Synthetic diamonds. Diamonds fascinates almost everyone and there are good and bad stories are associated with them. In addition to jewellery it is also a symbol of pride and honor. Of course it is something played vital role in several novels and movies as well. It is responsible to take several lives and even the reason of war too (but we rather blame the human lust for them, in stead of diamond itself). Will the synthetic diamonds be able to replace the naturally found ones? Do let us know your thoughts about the same.

Overall a balanced issue which provides you better value of your money spend to purchase it. Our verdict, you should read it.

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