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Episode 3 | The Sword Of Tipu Sultan | Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Views And Review

So now we know the truth of Mir Akbarali and his family. We also know the facts about why the tax was not paid by them so far. We also know that how they got it settled now and how Sheikh Fateh Mohammed helped them in the same.

The Sword Of Tipu Sultan - DVD Cover

The Sword Of Tipu Sultan – DVD Cover

TV Serial :
The Sword of Tipu Sultan
Producers : Sanjay Khan
Director : Sanjay Khan, Akbar Khan
Writer : Bhagwan S. Gidwani
Starring : Sanjay Khan, Maya Alag, Deepika Chikhalia, Anant Mahadevan, Mukesh Rishi, Shahbaz Khan, and others…

We got to know that the things didn’t went well with Tahir Khan and he was very jealous with the progress of Sheikh Fateh Mohammed and the favors made to him by his father Abid Khan. He was very furious to know that even his elder brother was thinking in favor of Sheikh. The jealousy have its own drawbacks and they caught Tahir Khan too. Now it seems that his sole aim is to take revenge against Sheikh and his own father and brother. In order to do so he have started preparing his own army, and when he thought he got enough strength, he started pushing people to betray Abid Khan.

With the progressing time, Tahir Khan got more and more soldiers and launched attacks against his father and brother, but Abid Khan’s army under command of brave warrior Sheikh Fateh Mohammed always overpowered him.

Here the married life of Sheikh was progressing happily and one day he got to know that his wife is expecting. During his long time away from the home during the war against Tahir Khan, Sheikh was in touch with his wife Majida Begum via letters only. There are some such lovely moments explored in this episode which balance the emotional quotient of the same.

The love can be expressed without vulgarity and can be shown as a pious thing and that is what we got to see here. The genuine and respectful words used in the letters to express the feelings by both Sheikh and Majida Begum are really good to hear. The script writers did good job here. During these letters we got to know the growing ups of their children also. We now know that Haider Ali is growing up.

Abid Khan on the other end is now in the last stage of his life. He was on the death bed. He was worried about Abdul Rasool Khan, his elder son, whose biggest enemy is no one else but his younger brother Tahir Khan. On the death bed of Abid Khan, Sheikh promises him to be faithful to Abdul Rasool Khan. It will be very tough duty for him in the coming time though.

Now Haider Ali and his brother are getting into their youth and in addition to fight training, they are also getting words of wisdom from his father Sheikh Fateh Mohammed. This is again the plus point of the script.

Overall an episode where we see wrong attributes like lust for power and jealousy, and the good attributes like the bravery and love, the wisdom and ethics altogether. The cinematography is good. The young Haider Ali playing with sword is not convincing. The background music is proper. We see some good performances and some of them are below average. The use of horses is done properly in the episode. Screenplay is good.

We just need to remember that the serial is a dramatized representation of Bhagwan S. Gidwani‘s book of the same name and is not representing the historical facts always. But this episode have some wise things to say and it also warns us against some wrong attributes.

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