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Safari Magazine | January 2013 Issue | Views And Reviews

As we did miss reviewing the January 2013 issue of the science and knowledge magazine – Safari – we were keen to do that but somehow the things were not worked out so far. But fortunately as we got the time for the same and here are our genuine and unbiased reviews for the same.

The cover page shows the Poisonous Puffer Fish and we gotta recall our memories about the information we did gather about puffer fish in the past. Puffer fish seems to be like any other fish on the first glance and you start loving it by its look. But when it founds itself in danger, it has the unique ability to drink plenty of water and puff itself. It will take the shape of a kind of ball then. The sudden change in the shape and the new shape the fish took, both scare the enemy, and usually the enemy creature leave the fish and move ahead. But in case, if the enemy still try to attack puffer fish, it has to met with its death because of the poison found in small thrones which are on the puffed body of the puffer fish. The poison of puffer fish is amongst the deadliest poison found. Still, a lot of puffer fish are hunted as they make a delicious dish. Yeah, you heard it right, people, especially love eating puffer fish. It is very costly dish though which sometimes can took the eater’s life as the price. But, still people loves eating it. There are special training courses for the chefs run to teach them, how to cook a puffer fish by removing the poison from them, and course is in demand too. Well, we are sure that there are more information found inside the article and we will be reading it. The cover page picture gives very detailed look at a puffer fish.

The inside cover page consists a very good picture of a cormorant taking a sunbath.

We often hear the phrase – Magnetic Personality. It is often used for crowd puller leaders, saints, actors etc. But do you know that there are people who have this feature enabled within them, literally?! Yes, you read it right! Some people have ability to attract metals and you can call them “human magnets”. This – believe it or not – kind of characteristics of a human body is discussed in an article by Harshal Pushkarna in a small article (with examples and photographs). As the phenomenon is not scientifically explainable (so far), you cannot find those information in the article, but you will surely like reading about it.

The next article is about “Baobab”. Baobab is a strange kind of tree which grows upside down! Yes, it does! It made us remember the first Shloka (verse) from the 15th Adhyay (chapter) of Shrimad Bhavad Geeta – “ऊर्ध्वमूलमधःशाखमश्वत्थं प्राहुरव्ययम्”. Well, this tree does exist and they live longer too (around 6000 years). To know more about the same, we recommend you to read the detailed article about the same which spread over 4 pages and embedded with photos of Baobab.

Bridges are always made to overcome a gap (very philosophical, right)? But some of them are considered as a wonder in itself, Akashi-Kaikyo, the second longest suspension bridge is one of such wonders. Just to give you an idea about how long the bridge is, let us tell you this: The suspension towers of the bridge rivals Eiffel Tower in height!!! Read more, about this bridge in a very detailed (7 pages) article by Sushil Bhatia.

This issue of Safari is focused on Nature, There is an article titled “Of lakes, put in line as 7natural wonders. Samarth Vyas discusses the following Lakes in the article, to give us interesting details:

    • Lake Titicaca: Situated above the clouds
    • Caspian Lake; Not Caspian Sea
    • Baikal Lake: The deepest lake

A very informative and detailed article, needless to say that it is rich with photos. If you are a nature lover who is interested in geography, you will love it. (Who don’t like to read about lakes and water in the Summer days? 🙂 )

Fast Facts: section discuss over a newly found cluster of supermassive black holes.

There comes a detailed article about the Puffer Fish. Now, as you know a little about puffer fish, this image rich article will make interesting read for you.

The Q & A Fact Finder section answers the following questions:

  • How much would a 68-Kilogram personal weigh on other celestial bodies?
  • Which is the world’s oldest city continuously inhabited till date?
  • Is there any evidence to support the prevailing theory that dinosaurs died out due to catastrophic asteroid impact?
  • Is there a scientific basis for the idiomatic expression “run like a headless chicken”?
  • What exactly is Zodiac? Are its twelve signs arbitrary or there really is astronomical relationship?
  • What were the circumstances and considerations which led to the adoption of “Jana Gana Mana” as our national anthem?
  • What makes a peacock’s rich plumage shimmer in various colors from blue-green to golden bronze, with a distinct eye formed in each feather?
  • Which was the first shipping port with docking facility to expedite loading and unloading goods?
  • How does a hydrofoil boat manage to lift its hull above the water to achieve high speeds?
  • What causes acne, commonly called pimples at the onset of adolescence and how can this skin disorder be treated?

This month’s – Super Quiz – is focused on – made for each other duo.

The last cover page comes with an article about Locomotives.
Overall a good read. This issue e is mainly focused on nature oriented stuff. A few detailed articles makes it detailed and enjoyable read. It gives you value for your money, and brings you correct information in interesting manner, what else you can expect from a good magazine?

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