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Bharat Mata Ki Jai | Bharat Ek Khoj Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Personal Reviews

The first episode of Hindi TV serial – Bharat Ek Khoj – which is based on the famous book by Late Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru – the first prime minister of independent India – is titled as “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”.

TV Serial :
Bharat Ek Khoj
Producers : Doordarshan, Sahyadri Films, Raj Plus
Director :
Shyam Benegal
Writer : Jawaharlal Nehru (orignal book), Shyam Benegal (TV Series)
Starring : Roshan Seth, Om Puri, Tom Alter, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Naseeruddin Shah, Lucky Ali, Mita Vashisht, Pallavi Joshi, Anjan Srivastav, Sohaila Kapoor, Ila Arun, and others…

Jai (aka Jay) means victory. There is another similar word for the same – Vijay. But they two are actually different. To obtain Vijay – you need to defeat an opponent ( or to say, when you overcome someone/something else). So actually one of the two opponents one wins and other loses. This is not in the case of Jay – it is a victory where there is no one else is needed to be defeated. So one person wins here but there is no one to loose anything! Well, it is a great philosophy and hence, the famous epic – The Mahabharata (or The Mahabharat – as I like to call it) – is originally named as JaySamhita. It explores, several characters’ victory over themselves and their characteristics.

Let us continue in the content of the serial Roshan Seth plays the role of Pt. Nehru and Om Puri is the narrator throughout the TV Serial.

The serial starts where people are gathered to hear and listen Pt. Nehru. When they see him coming (no convoys of cars with red lights and sirens), they got happy. All the people are shouting – Bharat Mata ki Jai. The detailing here is important to look at: for example Pt. Nehru starts his speech as “Sisters, Brothers and Friends” – showing the attributes of people and culture we are going to visit.
He asks people – who is Bharat Mata?

The meaning is explained so well, and it proves why he was a crowd-puller leader. Convincing people and motivating them is an art. And if one has that art, he is surely an artist.

Pt. Nehru was remembering that during his visits to various segments of India in 1936-37, he travelled majority of India. It was a journey for him to find the real Indian, and even himself. He was trying to understand real India, and the soul of the same. Most of the drafting he did is during his years in Ahmednagar Fort Jail (1942-1945).

Actually he was asking himself that What is Bharat Mata (India), in addition to the map we see. What it is in addition to a lot of people living there? What was its importance in the past? How it was referred in past? How much power it possess? And where is that power now? How it came to fall to the current situation? Does the old pride, culture, civilization and everything else positive is preserved these days? Or it went lost? So many questions.

Does there something exist, which cause end of a civilization and let a new civilization to appear?

The thoughts then refers to – Nasadiya Sukta, RigVeda, X, 129. The verses were asking or talking the same stuff…

There was no truth exist before the universe existed, nor was the untruth
There was no space nor something similar exist at that time.
What was there then? Who hide everything? Even water didn’t exist?
Neither the death was there, nor was the immortality.
Neither was Day or Night happened at that time. There wasn’t even air available.
But then also something was breathing.
There has to be something. May be super power or something else.

Then came the universe to the existence our journey is started. Because no civilization can exist without water, several rivers like The Ganga (Ganges), Yamuna etc. are referred. And it is the right point to start with, of course.

There is a lot referred, in eye-catching manner, where you will start paying attention due to the interesting way of presentation.

The first episode is the starting point, and we must say the flight takes off pretty well here. If you can afford, you can go for good quality DVD set, but economic set is also a good alternative in other case. The locales of India are added in a way that it became a visual treat while watching. Of course, during those time, technology was not so advanced and budgets were also tighter. I was just thinking if the technology used in Avatar (movie) was available with the director and he had lots of time and fund, what we could have seen on the screen!

The music is first rate and the ancient verses form Hindu civilization is incorporated really well. The Hindi translation of those Sanskrit stuff, to make people understand the heart of the same, is excellent. Overall, you definitely consider to have your family watched this stuff at least once.

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