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Safari Magazine | February 2013 Issue | Views And Reviews

The cover page of February 2013 issue of Safari – the science and knowledge magazine from India truly looks like it is a science magazine. A human face with the inners of the brain visible in silver shades makes it more authentic.

The phrase on the cover page, “Grand masters of memory – The people who cannot forget!” tells us to be ready to read something important about the same. Well, if go philosophically, we gotta hear a lot of time that forgetting the things is actually a boon for us. It is true in an extent. It lets us not to keep the heavy burden of sad memories always. On the contrary good memory is always essential. There is a lot to know and remember in the world and without the great memory it is not possible. That is the reason that there is an entire industry runs which sells the tricks, medicines and advises about boosting memory power. Well, let us wait for the article come and go through the same, to know what Safari came up with.

The inside conver page is of course having the high resolution photograph of something beautiful. This time it is the photograph of the black forest. There is a car going on a road passing through the forest. A good photo.

Sushil Bhatia brings in an article abot the Evolution of spieces. Well, we here a lot about that stuff too. But here it is about – when it’s but unnatural. Mainly the people interested in biology or studying the psychological stuff and love analysing the same, will like this 6 page article. The article is embedded with good images and the content is written in interesting style, making it a good read for the others as well.

We know a lot about the wonders of the World. Samarth Vyas came up with an article about 7 natural wonders. He focuses on 4 lakes which are kind of natural wonders. The article discusses the following:

  • Namibia’s underground lake (It is the largest underground lake)
  • Nyos – Cameroon’s killer lake (It holds the record of killing the most innoncent people)
  • Lake Merzbacher (The mysterious lake, which keep playing hide and seek)
  • Loanr Lake (A very huge lake from India)

A very detailed article with some great factual information. Nature lovers and travel lovers will like the article more.

There comes the central article, about the human memory. There are some people blessed with a beautiful mind. Be it Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking or Dr. John Nash! This article talks about some people who are having incredible memory power. Some of the stuffs discussed in the article includes the following:

  • Jill Price: she is really good at remembering historical events, there is a book written about this lady on her abilities to remember.
  • Marilu Henner: An actress by profession, possessor of photographic memory.
  • Rajan Mahadevan: The genius from India.
  • Dominic O’Brien: Memory master from UK.

A detailed article, written in interesting manner, aided with images and facts; makes it a must read.

The Fast Facts segment brings in the information about the “Sir Creek” area at Indo-Pak border. The small yet informative article about the importance of the area and dispute running around the same.

Haunted houses, blood diamonds and similar stuff is capable to grab people’s attention due to the mystery associated with the same. There is an article by D. N. Kaushik about the killer car which is known for making all of its owners, the victims. The 5 page article documents some incidents associated with the car which made it mysterious. You may like the article (as the mystery fascinates most of us!)

The Q & A : Fact Finder section brings the answer to the following questions:

  • Computers operate by means of the binary number system using only two digits 0 and 1. How does the system work?
  • If all ice-caps melt as a result of intense global warming, how much of the Indian Subcontinent would be submerged due to heightened sea level?
  • Which is the brightest star in our night sky? Is there a specific unit of measurement to indicate the luminosity of various star?.
  • How is tidal flow harnessed to generate electricity and what is its potential in India?
  • Is there any historical reason for defining unalloyed gold as that of 24 carat purity? Why not 16 or 100 carat?
  • How do astronomers know that some of the mass of the Universe is missing? Why can’t they find this so-called dark matter?
  • Which country produced the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine?
  • Could NASA point the Hubble Space Telescope at the Moon to view lenders and roving vehicles left there by the astronauts?

The Super Quiz section is about the most famous spy (fictional) of the world – Bond, James Bond – created by the British Author – Ian Fleming. All the Bond lovers, you cannot afford missing this section to read.

Wars definitely produce a lot of set backs for the participants, even after it finishes. Land mines are we can say the side effects or reactions, which kills more people after the war then during the war. And mind well, the people killed during the war are mostly the soldiers who are determined to fight the enemy, knowing the risk to their own life (which of course doesn’t justify their deaths, but just a matter of fact), and uncleared, undeclared landmines kills the innocent citizens during the peace time. The article – All about Land Mines gives us a lot of information about this less talked about weapon.

Overall a good magazine to with. It gives you the best value for the money you spent to purchase it. Rather than the gossip magazines this is the magazine you should prefer to go with.

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