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Reader’s Digest India | February 2013 Issue | Magazine Reviews

The February 2013 issue for Reader’s Digest – India is out and we are ready to review the same. This time it is the black background and light color text (mostly white) fill up the cover page giving highlights of some of the interesting articles found inside.

Editor Mohan Sivanand talks about the obesity found in children. He gives us brief about what to expect in the magazine inside about the same. Quotes are just ok, not much interesting nor they turn you down in your expectations.

It is the React section which I like and especially the reaction of a reader (who gave it via RD Facebook). It is about Omkar Nath who is considered as the one man dispensary – mentioned in December issue. The reader refer him correctly as the modern day Santa Claus. I sincerely feel that these real humans make the world the better place to live and they should really be noticed and appreciated by the society. Of course there are reactions about Exercise Alert, Death Penalty Debate and other stuff which are definitely worth read.

Here are Now section refers and reviews the following books:

  • Dog Loves Drawing by Louise Yates is targeted for young children.
  • The Boy Who Swam With Piranhas by David Almond is for older children.
  • Gods And Warriors by Michelle Paver falls in the older children category as well
  • The book with long name Counting One’s Blessings: The Selected Letters Of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, edited by William Shawcross is for grown ups who love reading about royal families.
  • We can say the same for Bertie: a Life of Edward VII by Jane Ridley.
  • Not Dead Yet by Peter James is for thriller lovers.
  • Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death by James Runcie is a collection of short stories which are a little longer.
  • The Baghdad Railway Club by Andrew Martin is a journey in different time

If you talk about the nature there are newer threats comes to the surface which can harm the same. Bittu Sahgal comes with information about the same in his regular column Greenheart. Its small yet informative article.

There are much spoken about the rapes in the recent days. Some of them was really intelligent, genuine and proper stuff while some of the same was just rubbish. In My Opinion – section brings an article by Swaminathan – with the title Our Films Sanctify Pestering and Stalking Of Women. He refers the item numbers and rape scenes, eve-teasing heroes and simpering heroins. Well, whatever you thought there are no two thoughts on the meaning of the phrase “Halkat Jawani”. Everyone of us know what do you mean by “Kabhi Mere Saath Koi Raat Guzaar”. Well there are tons of example of the similar stuff and we can go on and on mentioning the same. Of course not all the movies are doing the same, some of them represent dignified woman as well and a lot of positive (and even precious) representation of woman as well. Read the views of the author and let us know your reactions about the same.

Heroes – brings information about a lady who help disabled animals to get on their feet. This two page article is able to inspire you to do good stuffs.

Then comes the themed article of this issue – Time To Stop Child Obesity. The obese children not only face the medical risk(s) but it reduces the lifespan of the victim as well. The article also lists some advise for parents and teachers to fight this issue.

Achyuta Samanta’s Kiss of life – is about a real life hero who spent a remarkable time of his life educating the poor tribal students from KG to PG. You can get more information about this movement at www.kiss.ac.in. The article is definitely worth reading and informative too.

It is the Valentine’s day approaching this month and hence we should expect an article on either the occasion or love itself. There are a couple of articles about the same but you may avoid reading them too.

Phiona Mutesi went through a tough journey which is inspirational for a lot. She against all odds qualified for two chess Olympics. One of the nice quote from the article is “If you make smart moves, you can stay away from danger, but any bad decision could be your last”; which is applicable not only to the game of chess but also the real life as well.

Staying Alive – article makes us believe that correctly the advancements in neuroscience are redrawing the boundary of life (and death too).

The Nature (and even similar Sci-Fi movies based on the similar theme) know about the natural bridges. An article titled – Our Living Bridges – brings us some facts about such natural wonders (which are sometimes belongs to the rainy forests).

We cannot deny the significance of Internet in our lives, be it social network or the speed and availability of the information anywhere everywhere, anytime everytime. It is considered as the drawing force behind some protests and good stuff as well. Be it Psy’s phenomenon hit “Ganganam style” or a lot of articles flowing through the Internet. Some articles got popular – or viral – in minutes of its publishing. One such article recently got popular is by Anne-Marie Slaughter. She in an article mentioned the reason(s) to leave high paid government job so she can spend more time at home with her children. This article remind me the decision of Sudha Murty to not to be actively working in Infosys and rather looking after other important stuffs. The article of Anne-Marrie was published in Atlantic as the cover story and you can search for the same on the Internet. Of course, do not forget to let us know your views and remarks about the same via comments.

Jourdon Andrson was slave once. He later wrote letters to his old master. These letter are there on the Internet at http://www.lettersofnote.com; read an article about the same in this issue of Reader’s Digest. The website is of course worth visiting.

Real Life Drama brings us the tale of a boy who was lost when he was around 6. After 25 years of the same he started searching for his family home on Google Earth. Did he found it? Truth is sometimes stranger than the fiction.

A remarkable time was passed Osama Bin Laded was tracked and met with his end of life; and a lot is written on the same. Peter Bergen wrote a book named Manhunt. There is an article titled “The Last Day OF Osama Bin Laden” found about this book. It is interesting read.

In addition the regular sections are there.

This issue is definitely worth value its price, it offers remarkably more indeed. Our verdict: go for it.

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