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Safari Magazine | April 2013 Issue | Views And Reviews

The April 2013 issue of – Safari – the science and knowledge magazine from India, hit the stands and as always we are keen to possess it so we can review it for our readers. Here are our personal and unbiased reviews for the same.

As mentioned in the last segment of reviews of March 2013 issue of Safari magazine, we are expected to find a detailed article on “When Dinosaurs Ruled India”, amongst other stuff. So let us digg into the content of this issue.

The cover page with red and green background showing various species of dinosaurs gives the magazine the look of a nature oriented magazine. The inside cover page has a stunning photo of the falls of Niagara, titled “The roaring Niagara” in the – Megapixel – section.

It is very often we see that a specific area in a country represents an entirely different country or culture (or even city). Mainly it happens when a remarkable number of immigrants from a specific place lives in a neighborhood in a foreign location. They create kind of their own society which mirrors their native. We often call it a country away from the country. Human feelings makes one to stick to one’s root and it is the possible cause of people’s attachment to their native and lifestyle. There is an article about – Suriname – (The Republic Of Suriname) – located in South America. It is interesting to note about this country that here the immigrants outnumbers the original inhabitants of the same. With the population of around 27% of Hindus, 25% Protestant, 23% of Roman Catholic, 20% Islam and 5% others, this country have a great literacy rate of 93%. So it is India (or say Mini-India) outside of India. Read more interesting details about this area, and some statistics about Indians living outside of India, in an article focused on the same. A nice and informative article.

When to think about genius, the names of Albert Einstein and Issac Newton comes to our mind. And we use them to refer any smart or genius we find. However there is no foolproof method to assess one’s Intelligence, the IQ is considered as one of the most trustable way to measure one’s intelligence level. The answers and responses to various questions and methods, given by one, are used to calculate his/her IQ. And there are people who possess even more IQ then Einstein too. Read an interesting article about such geniuses spread over 5 pages written by Harshal Pushkarna, in this issue.

Flying disc (aka Frisbee) is an interesting game. When the disc is thrown and is gliding in the space, it looks like the spaceship of ET is moving in the air. Fun apart, Frisbee is a game of joy and fun. A special kind of skills needed to excel in this sport, and it of courser relies on the science of aerodynamics. Samarth Vyas’ article briefs in the information about this sport and discusses some records of this sport.

The themed article titled – 65 million years ago: When Dinosaurs ruled India – is a eight page detailed article aided with illustrations, maps, photos and facts about Dinosaurs and their existence in India (in ancient times).

It is definitely worth reading article with details about

  • Bruhathkyayosaurus
  • Titanosaurus
  • Stegosaurus
  • Rajasaurus
  • Barapasaurus
  • Triceratops
  • Indosaurus
  • Alwalkeria
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Pterosaur

You may or may not believe but the space rocks have its own market. Read about Meteorite Market in Fast Facts segment.

Sometimes we are used to about the stuff and hence never pay attention in looking in detail at the same. For example, eggs. We know that eggs have varieties and they have different size. But do we know that there are various size, shapes, colors, patterns and various other attributes are also there, which make them apart from the others. Of course this article is more interesting for a person interested in biology (or especially zoology), but it is really very detailed and full of illustrations making it worth read.

The Q&A Fact Finder section answers the following questions:

  • How are synthetic diamonds made? Why are they not produced on a large scale?
  • Which was the first credit card issued by a commercial bank?
  • Do the size of atoms vary according to the natural element they belong to?
  • When was the first fighter aircraft made for air warfare?
  • How fast does the blood flow in human body?
  • On what bases has it been decided that a week should have seven days-not a day more or less?
  • On the eve of India’s partition in 1947, which criterion was adopted for the division of assets between the two countries>
  • Safe and sustained lock-away of nuclear reactor’s waste is a major problem because its half-life is said to be of millions of years. What exactly is half-life?
  • Why is a person receiving the full intensity of the public attention said to be in the limelight? What has lime to do with it?
  • Given the prodigious amount of energy used by mankind, how long will it be before our planet is bereft of all energy?

The super quiz section is focused on “yellow metal gold”.

The last cover page has the article about “never old” topic – the seven wonders of the world. needless to say it is detailed and informative.

And yes, there are gags as well 🙂

Overall, a balanced issue with informative article. A few but detailed articles made it even better choice for reading. So in the summer time, instead of going out get into the company of this issue and you will not complain that reading is less interesting…

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